Traffic Stats

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Traffic Report from LABSTRIKE in Year 2014

Hello strikers, we launched this blog on March 2012 and here we provide the traffic detail and stats graph from both Google Analytics and for the year 2014. Also you can see a screenshot of our Feedburner subscribers.

1. Traffic Stats Screenshot from Google Analytics

Google Analytics traffic report

2. Traffic Stats Screenshot from traffic stats

3. Our Feedburner Subscribers Screenshot

feedburner subscribers

As you see, the total page views for the last year was 3,752,637. It’s increasing day by day and it's clearly visible when you look at the stats provided by Also we have 31,483 Feedburner subscribers. Total income I earned from this blog was $7,560. According to Google Analytics, out main audience are from United States, India, United Kingdom, Russia, France, Canada, Germany, South Korea, Ukraine, Turkey.

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