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There are millions of websites are available on the internet. But the fact is, we actually don’t know which one is the most apt for our daily use and it’s so difficult to keep in memory each one of them. Therefore, here is the complete list of most incredibly useful and lesser-known or undiscovered websites you wish you know little earlier and these are the websites I find remarkably advantageous. In addition, this list includes some awesome web apps to improve your skills, smartness and online productivity. We expect your feedback just after you go through this list of most useful websites.

Disclaimer and Updates

You may find similar article on the internet, but you may probably not aware about these websites. And article you find other websites, some links they provided are either no longer available, dead links or have been migrated to new websites or better alternatives. But our list is a frequently updated list of lesser-known and most useful websites. If you find below list useful, you may also check out our previous article – Top Power Blogging Resources – which provides a vast list of collection of several incredibly blogging resources for dedicated entrepreneurs. Don't Miss!

useful websites

Most Useful and Lesser-known Websites

  1. — all-in-one online SEO tool for article rewriting, plagiarism checking and more.
  2. — compress your JPEG, PNG, GIF and SVG images without losing its originality.
  3. — wanna know the color code of your favorite brand? Then, try
  4. — best, one and only website for finding opposite or similar words via online.
  5. — buy high quality modern furniture like Barcelona chair, dining sets etc.
  6. — free bookmarklet to highlight, annotate and mark text and get the highlighted text url.
  7. — free, paid professional, and responsive Blogger templates for entrepreneurs.
  8. — free online image upload, hosting service, and image sharing service for websites.
  9. — best custom printing service for your keychain, smartphone, and USB drive etc.
  10. — online website that helps you to identify the name of a font you’re looking for.
  11. — simple countdown timer for daily use build by David LeMieux and Ben Lew.
  12. — some extra alt characters that you can’t find on your PC keyboard.
  13. — work with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powepoint online and save in OneDrive.
  14. — create a PDF form and edit your existing PDF files online for absolutely free.
  15. — web-based application, fast and easy way to write your note online for free.
  16. — an online email verification website I recommend you since 2012.
  17. — chat with random people from different countries with text, or video chats.
  18. — an easiest way to know the world time with your current local time.
  19. — save your web files to online storage account on Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive.
  20. — don't get tracked. Protects your online privacy while browsing on the internet.
  21. — increase your blog’s Alexa rankings by surfing websites or purchasing points.
  22. — edit or convert your favorite images online without sign-in or sign-up.
  23. — create 480 million common, rare and average character names.
  24. — worlds largest icon collection that provides 45K free and premium icons.
  25. — check your password strength and know how secure it's to hack.
  26. — craete your short video tutorials online and upload on YouTube instantly.
  27. — check your article’s spelling, grammar, and style before you publish them.
  28. — experience YouTube movies, TV shows etc on a huge screen mode.
  29. — add filters, texts, frames, and effects to images with PicMonkey photo editor.
  30. — online speech recognition software by Google. Use your voice to write documents.
  31. — an open-source project to beautify your boring CSS or HTML code online.
  32. — KeepMeOut helps you to cut down your visits on your addicted websites.
  33. — a web based application for folks to create and compare interactive timelines.
  34. — better or the best alternative to Google Maps for driving directions since 1967.
  35. — know your IP and change, speed up, trace, change or hide any IP address.
  36. — communicate or chat with the real person press of your favorite company.
  37. — an online calculator to calculate your sleep time while you fall asleep at night.
  38. — download unlimited free and premium stock images, vectors and buttons etc.
  39. — learn something new every day? Subscribe to this free daily newsletter.
  40. — get some amazing d├ęcor ideas and decorate your dream home in your own way.
  41. — send your huge files (up to 2GB in free version) with this cloud-based app.
  42. — try if you wish to know your send email(s) gets read by the recipient for free.
  43. — an online software to create free flowchart, UML, ER, process, and network diagrams.
  44. — it’s a place to know and discover the latest websites, and smartphone apps etc.
  45. — would you like to share your ideas on a webpage in an easy way? Try Bounce.
  46. — helps you discover latest trends, fashion, accessories, and more to keep you modern.
  47. — scans your suspicious files (up to 128MB) for malware, trojans viruses online.
  48. — my favorite online application tool to find out what’s behind a shortened URL(s).
  49. — edit, make collages, and add effects to your images online for free with Fotor.
  50. — get inspirational and motivational quotes by authors, thus to inspire your life.
  51. — the best global broadband speed test tool that I use daily. Let’s get started.
  52. — free online internet fax service. Send your faxes anywhere in the Canada and USA.
  53. — enhances your typing skills and keyboarding with this online typing tutor effortlessly.
  54. — don’t go to lawyers for simple matters. Know all the legal formalities with Nolo.
  55. — discovers your favorite music and songs by singing or hum for ten seconds.
  56. — an instant screen sharing software with audio. Better alternative to TeamViewer.
  57. — most popular and trusted SEO and website review tool around the web.
  58. — claims as the world’s largest market place for finding professional services for $5.
  59. — enhances your reading skills by this free speed reading software online.
  60. — get updates fro your social networking sites when it goes down, or offline.
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