Private Browsing Settings Aren't as Private as You Think

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While going online, we all have some information or data that we don’t want to share with other potential users of our computer. Therefore, occasionally people use incognito or private mode of browser that doesn’t keep track of your browser history. This mode of browsing makes us feel comfortable because it doesn’t hold us accountable for any sort of information or data entered online because it has no tracks of its own. But this is not all true.

DO YOU KNOW? Incognito browsing can also be tracked back even if it’s not available in the browser history. Although it’s not accessible to the people using the computer but it can be obtained from the Internet Service Provider.

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Why Your Browsing Settings are not Private

How this happens? This operation is carried out ‘Cookies’. Cookies are such packets of files that help the browser to keep record of the previously searched items over the internet. So, if you’ve visited a website, you’re shown those items that you were previously interested in. Thus, showing the content according to your desire in a prioritized way. Therefore, Cookies are regarded as sources for getting back to data or browser history even from incognito mode.

Installing SSL certificates helps you in avoiding pop ups from opening up. Pop up ads become a hindrance while you’re working over the web. Thus, installing a pop up blocker helps in avoiding them. Although, this is a big help, but your browser history can also be back tracked from these pop-ups. While browsing in a private session, pop ups are blocked and for getting over such a data, a possible hacker back locates the pop ups and thus he can find what websites were opened up and what kind of information was obtained from them. Therefore, in private browsing, even privacy is still not that much sound as we expect.

Apart from Cookies and SSL certificates, your IP address get attached while going online. Private browsing cannot avoid the thread of your IP address because it’s not the provided feature by the browser. Therefore, anyone who wants your browser history information even of incognito mode, it can be obtained by back tracking your Internet Service Provider’s address. Apart from this, data or websites that you’ve bookmarked in your incognito mode stay there on your hard drive. Therefore, expecting that they won’t be available to anyone else is wrong. Because bookmarks are saved by you for your future use and thus are available in your browser’s history. So, it’s not possible to avoid attaching your IP information over the internet.

There are some networks available that do not provide direct route to your IP address. What they is that they channelize online data by routing it towards several computers. Thus, it becomes difficult to track that a certain IP address was directed from which system. Tor (Anonymity Online) is a network that is working efficiently since 2005 in this respect. Tracking down IP address while Tor is in progress is difficult even for the government sectors.

Every system has some loopholes. There are even internet browsers available that help keeping the online trafficking in private. DuckDuckGo is such a browser which helps you avoid storing your data online. It doesn’t even keep third parties cookies in check and thus information cannot be back tracked. Other browsers are also available but they are not much efficient for browsing because they don’t provide many features as compared to the other popular internet browsers.

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