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Now a days, there are thousands of websites are available to watch free movies and TV shows online. Honestly, I think it’s better to watch movies online right from the comfort of your own home rather than downloading. But the question is which websites are apt for you to watch your favorite movies. So we've collected a list of free Best websites to stream free movies online and these sites are absolutely legal for you to watch your favorite movies.

Below are the lists of best websites to watch movies online without downloading. But some websites we mentioned below allows you to download your favorite movies and documentaries without spending single cents. And most of the websites provide free mobile movie apps to access your favorite movies on your mobile device itself. The sites we listed below provide all types of movies like action, comedy, drama, horror, romantic etc. The only requirement you need is an internet or WIFI connection.

And it doesn't matter whether it’s fast or slow because you will be able to downgrading video quality and hopefully some website prefer only less bandwidth. Remember each site is mentioned here by its layout, quantity of links provided, playback quality, web vote, and frequency of updates. Also don’t forget to checkout our list of top 10 website to watch movies online for free and don't miss out on any of your favorite movies.

MyDownloadTube | Visit Website

MyDownloadTube is the best and undisputed beast among online movie streaming websites to stream your favorite movies online for free and it doesn't matter wherever you are. MyDownloadTube might be the one and only legal websites that offers you the latest collection of PC games along with high quality HD and blu-ray movies. If you are a newbie visitor to MyDownloadTube, I certainly bet you may feel OMG as it contains the biggest collection of online and downloadable movies with 50+ categories. MyDownloadTube includes a Direct IntelliSense search that helps its visitors find what they search for. MyDownloadTube works well with even in low internet bandwidth.

All these features are available with simple clicks without any kinds of registration or zero annoying ads. And my experience at MyDownloadTube was extremely awesome. Overall, MyDownloadTube contains a user-friendly design, that provides you a Magnificent Browsing Experience, fast loading and handy video player and unlike Yidio and Hulu, MyDownloadTube doesn't provide paid movies. You can be absolute sure that anything you watch or stream on MyDownloadTube is absolutely free. What’s more? Get a rich streaming experience unlike any other with the best support you ever had. | Visit Website

IMDb - Movies, TV and Celebrities - IMDb is the leading movie streaming online website at present. contains more than one million different categories of movies around the world. launched in 17th October 1990 by a professional computer programmer Col Needham. All I can say about IMDb is the world's vast list of movies, gossips, celebrity info etc. If you are a movie critic, I recommend IMDB is the best place to find each and every minor detail of a movie including cast & crew, directors, producers, reviews, photos, official trailers and more. This site has a decent Google page rank 8 and best Alexa ranking (49 global and 25 US).

If you're a film maker or an actor, there is a possibility to add your movie to IMDb when you register. Wherever you are, IMDb provides mobile apps to find your favorite TV shows, movies, exclusive trailers and browse photos on your phone or tablet! You can download the IMDb mobile app for Apple iPhone/iPad on the app sore on iTunes and for android phones, it's available in Google Play Store. IMDb also provides app for Kindle Fire and available on

Hulu | Vist Website

Hulu: Free TV Shows and Movies

Just like IMDb, Hulu too provides a huge collection of TV shows, clips, movies etc. But our readers are from all over the world. Hey strikers, if you're from within the United States cheers with Hulu. Unfortunately Hulu can't be accessible outside the United States. But a website called proves an easy way to access restricted sites like Hulu, Netflix and Pandora outside the US. Honestly, Hulu too provide all types of movies and TV info, I don't find it as informative as IMDb. If you're confused or disturbed to watch a movie, you can watch the movies and TV episodes by recently added, most popular and Hulu staff picks etc.

Also its possible to watch your favorite full length movie without spending a single dime. I personally like its category lists such as Arts and Culture, Health and Wellness, Reality and Game Shows, Lifestyle, Music, Gay and Lesbian, Adventure, Documentaries and many more. You can also subscribe to Hulu Plus for only $7.99 per month let's you watch more TV shows and movies and able to revise the on your any device and you will see only limited advertising. It's possible to download Hulu app for Android from Google Play Store and iPhone/iPad app from the app sore on iTunes.

Crackle | Visit Website

Crackle - Watch Movies Online

Crackle is the next big thing we'd like to include our list here as the world’s best streaming movie site online. Crackle was knows as Grouper when it's founded in 2000 and it proudly re-branded in 2007 as crackle. Just like IMDb and Hulu, Crackle also provides full length streaming movies online and uncut free online movies. Crackle is run with the partnership with Sony Pictures. Personally I prefer Crackle due to their decent video quality. Crackle has more than one million social media followers. I feel excellent it's free movie selection contains 132 full length movies and almost 44 TV episodes. As I mentioned its video quality seems good but can't say it's great because it provides 360p and 480p and permits you watch your movies in full screen.

It’s good if you’re using less bandwidth internet connection. I found it’s very friendly to handle Crackle’s video player and it's possible to change the language, border color, and both font size and name, text opacity via CC/SUB options. You don't need to register to crackle to stream your favorite movies, but if you're streaming R-rated movies you don't have to enter your birth date each time if you're a registered member. To stream the movies online on Crackle, you need some system requirements like Firefox 3 or above, Adobe Flash Player 10.0.22 or above, Windows XP SP2 or above and should enable JavaScript and Cookies. Like IMDb and Hulu, Crackle too provides movie apps for both Android device and iOS devices.

YouTube Movies | Visit Website

Movies - YouTube

As you may probably know YouTube is the largest video sharing website at current. YouTube now owned a Movie channel named YouTube Movies that you can stream movies for free and rent. Just like IMDb, Hulu and some other websites. YouTube also provides full length movies in full HD or even in 2k resolution. But personally, I don't like its advertisements while streaming movies online on YouTube. But some movies don't have any ads but it doesn’t matter if you're using high speed internet connection. YouTube also provides official trailers, music videos and more. Just like IMDb, you're not able to sort your movies by Most popular, recently added or Staff picks etc.

I recommend YouTube is the best place to watch or stream movies online if you're using less bandwidth. It's possible to stream movies with or without registering. But id you're a registered user you can watch the "particular maturity level" content without any irritation. But non-registered used can't stream all movies available on YouTube but registered users it's possible. Finally you may ask where YouTube gets its movies. Yes, YouTube collects movies from Crackle, Viewster and Starz Media. So my final thought about YouTube is pretty good but your internet connection should need at least a 1 Mbps to stream your favorite movies in good quality. YouTube app is also available for both Android and iOS devices.

Popcornflix | Visit Website

Popcornflix: Watch Free Movies & TV Shows Online

The next big thing to watch your favorite movies online for free is Popcornflix. It’s a daily updating movie streaming site from Screen Media Ventures. Popcornflix also makes available 1500+ movies from different categories such as romance, horror, drama, action, documentaries, family and more. I personally like its design is very decent and can be accessible movies in different category within its main page itself. Popcornflix also provides Spanish movies if you wish to stream foreign language movies and you don't need to sign up to watch a movie online, just hit Play and enjoy! I often watch MMA Fighting, my favorite TV show in Popcornflix and it lets you stream popular TV episodes such as Women Behind Bars, Great Chefs, Destination Disaster, The Man Show and Below Zero.

If you're a loving father or mother you can refer them Popcornflix Kids, best place to watch free kids movies as well as TV shows online. Popcornflix also provides a website for horror movies at FrightPix. I hope, in case of apps, Popcornflix is more better than IMDb, Hulu, Crackle and YouTube because Popcornflix is available for many devices such as Android devices, BlackBerry, Amazon Kindle, Xbox, Roku and Samsung TVs. Popcornflix Kids app also available for both Android and iOS devices. There is no need to worry about its legal procedure because movies you stream in Popcornflix are absolutely legal to stream with the partnership of Screen Media Ventures.

Rotten Tomatoes | Visit Website

Rotten Tomatoes: watch free movies online

You may not be much familiar with Rotten Tomatoes like other online movie streaming sites I listed above. Rotten Tomatoes is the second oldest and largest movie streaming online site created in 1999 by Senh Duong. Rotten Tomatoes presents full length movies as well as movie reviews, cast and crew, user ratings, DVD releases, box office statistics, image galleries, official trailers, Latest releases, top rentals and even more. Rotten Tomatoes also permits an Individual critics' page, lets you add your opinion about a movie you watched. You can type a movie name you wish to stream in search field and you'll get suggestions based on. Unlike other movie streaming sites, I'm satisfied with Rotten Tomatoes' unique rating system (Tomatometer). Positive reviews garner a Fresh Tomato rating while negative reviews garner a green splattered tomato.

Rotten Tomatoes also provide some extra features. Editorial teams including Matt Atchity (Editor-in-Chief), Grae Drake (Senior Movie Editor), Sarah Ricard (Senior TV Editor), Timothy Ryan (Senior Editor) contribute much to Rotten Tomatoes to competitive with other opponents. That's why Rotten Tomatoes receives 25 million unique visitors every month. Now Rotten Tomatoes is a Flixster family member. Unlike IMDb, Hulu, Crackle, YouTube and Popcornflix, Rotten Tomatoes too have a mobile app and is available for Android and Apple's iOS devices. Also you can install Movies by Flixster app on your mobile device to stream movies online for free.

Moviefone | Visit Website watch free movies online

Moviefone is rolled out by AOL and Whalerock Industries in 1989 as a dial-up service for checking movie times. Actually Moviefone is a phone service help people to get info about latest movies and collect or order tickets. With its redesign Moviefone is now ready to drag with big legends such as IMDb, Hulu etc. Moviefone is best for moviegoers who seek local showtimes, advance tickets, theatre information, movie reviews and much more. It’s also possible to watch Moviefone on platforms like iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video etc.

Moviefone provides free and paid content available in HD quality and able to purchase via direct link helps moviegoers access their content easily. So my final thought is Moviefone is such a good website to stream movies online. But I never say it's as good as IMDb and Hulu. Anyway Moviefone is now better, powerful, worth paying and incredibly relevant. Congratulations AOL for its brand new look! Moviefone too presents mobile app for your Android phone, iPhone and iPad. I personally like its clean and decent interface. Also you can stay connected with Moviefone via eight social networks.

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