The AIDA Method of Writing Creative Blog Post Titles

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Creative Blog Post Titles
Getting traffic is every bloggers ambition. You never get even a single penny from AdSense if your readers are not interested to read your articles. Many of the bloggers succeed to write quality content but fail to write an eye catching post title those visitors impossible to be ignored and clicked. It's a simple logic that first impression is the best impression. You as a blogger prefer to get your article clicked rather than ignored. So learn to write creative post title your readers not willing to ignore whether your article is good or bad.

Personally, as enrapture (not a full time blogger because I'm already engaged to Microsoft...LOL) I could able to say definitely that blogging is not easy. I hope you might have get inspired by seeing a last post I shared about World’s top 10 AdSense earners. Guys, what you should keep in your mind that it’s their smart work (not hard work because I believe smart work is better than hard work) and dedication hire them to the top in the world of blogging. Anyway this article will help you guys those who seldom aware how to write post titles that are impossible to ignore and clicked.

If you are a novice blogger, you might not have been known some blogging terms. But you need to know how titles keep your visitors stay on your blog. Do you know AIDA technique behind an honest headline and a hypnosis psychology that make folks click on your title to read your article? Anyway as I mentioned, you are going to learn through this article more about:

  1. Why Titles are Killers and How It Influence your SEO.
  2. Hidden Tips to Write Blog Post Titles with AIDA Method.
  3. How Much Important is Title.
  4. Some Great Examples of Successful Titles Seem on Web.

1. Why Titles are Killers and How It Influence SEO

Can you guess what will happen if a skydiver fails to open his parachute while his mission? One thing will happen that is he will be no more alive, right? This is the same correlation your titles follow. If you fail to make your readers "open" your title, the whole thing will be placed in trash. Remember your title is the first thing that attracts your readers to your blog and blog articles, and if you fail to do so, all will be lost. While writing a title for your blog post, always remember it's gonna published in email, on social networks and even the search engine spiders like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc....This is one of the reason you should think twice before you write the title for your article. Guys, all is at your hand, whether you can kill your blog post (if it contains quality information too) or feel them force never go back without reading your article. It also brings some possibilities to attract direct advertisers to your blog. All is up to you!

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2. Hidden Tips to Write Blog Post Titles with AIDA Method

Have you heard about AIDA titles? This is a brilliant way to create an "all-in-one" title for your content including four elements. Some probloggers like Darren Rowse ( and Steve Pavlina (Steve are huge visible examples those who create AIDA titles. AIDA is a circle that you need to follow to drive traffic to your blog or website. The abbreviation of AIDA can be translated as Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

AIDA Method
All know that what is attention and how you can get it, so all you need to do is use a word or term that really captures your reader’s attention without further delay. This is the time I personally use and recommend use Google Keyword Planner or UberSuggest to get most searched long-tail keywords with low competition and high AdSense CTR. Additionally; you can find some points about this function at the end of this article.

3. How Much Important is Title

As I mentioned, A for attention force readers to click on your post title. The letter "I" indicate interest means it's as important as writing visual identity content like post title. You should not blame your readers or your readers shouldn't feel your article have no sense. Once they feel so, they never come back if your article isn't rich in content. So try to give them a first impression in all your content automatically drive interest to your blog and somehow this may be the best opportunity to convert your blog visitors into subscribers.

We are living in a digital world. So everything has been digitized and people are too busy for these days. This is the 21st century and the era of smartphone and mobile applications. I just wanna add a quote before letting you know what the letter "D" for Desire means in AIDA. Everyone knows below quote by Sir Francis Bacon.

"Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested: that is, some books are to be read only in parts, others to be read, but not curiously, and some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention." — Francis Bacon

Try to convert above books into your blog post. Each your blog posts have different taste. Some posts may be large but interesting, some posts contain less words but very informative. So people use "read later" smartphone applications such as pocket, Instapaper and Readability. So remember they will prefer to save your article for later reading only if they keep an interest on your article. Some of them pocket your content by seeing content title, but some of them read at least the opening paragraph of your article. So both post title and main body contents are equaled important here.

The final word "A" indicates action, means as blogger, you probably add share button with the title of "Share this article, sharing is sexy". Your visitors themselves must have feel whether your content deserve a share or no share. It’s 10% up to them and 90% up to you. It’s also called action in AIDA when people visit your blog through social media by the link "click here to read this article" link. Let’s discuss more about it later.

Combine AIDA into Four Points, such as:

  • Be constructive to your readers.
  • Create a sense of importance.
  • Create your content with unique ideas.
  • Do the whole thing extremely specific.

4. Some Great Examples of Successful Titles

Well, the points I mentioned above is only a psychological concept of how titles influence your readers to bring traffic to your blog. This is very essential in content marketing so as to get a quantity of traffic to your articles. We were discussing the technical and psychological concept of the influence of title in articles. Now, we can look at 2 sample titles that include everything mentioned above. And let’s analyze these titles words by word.

#1: 7 Simple Tips for you to Generate More Traffic to your Site (Guaranteed)

  1. 7: Some folks love because 7 is a mystical number (it works well).
  2. Simple Tips: You are telling your readers generating traffic to your website is so simple.
  3. For you: "You" in a title is a powerful word. It's as if I were speaking directly and only with you, but realize that this article is really dedicated to all your blog readers.
  4. Generate More Traffic to Your Site: Generate more traffic to your website is a most searched "keyword" in Google keyword planner. The main goal of this keyword is generate more organic traffic to your blog that helps you increase crawl rate as well as doubles your AdSense CTR even if you've written only few articles.
  5. (Guaranteed!): This keyword indicates promise rather than urgency. Yeah! This short keyword creates a sense and informs your readers the benefits of reading this article. But I never recommend this type of keyword in all your titles. Use with caution!
Remember, all words in above post title have different purpose. You can also try your own powerful keywords to get folks' attention. We are using all these methods for one goal only; to get traffic. For your easy understanding let me divide the titles once more.

  • 7: Indicates number list
  • Simple Tips: Easy method with out difficulty
  • For You: Indicates personal
  • Generate More Traffic to Your Website: Indicates benefit to your readers
  • (Guaranteed!): Indicates attention.

#2: The Fact that No one Ever Told you about Making Money Online

  1. The Fact that No one: Indicates being out of a group
  2. Never Told you about: Indicates curiosity and attention.
  3. Making Money Online: Indicates benefit of reading this article.
Hope no need to repeat all the analysis in each title because there's no mystery in it and you probably understood what each keyword indicates. It's so important to understand the concept behind the title. So I would like to provide some powerful keywords that you can probably use with your article title. Between "[ ]" where you should replace it with something related your topic.

[Number] Signs that [Subject]

  1. 5 Signs that your Blog is a Failure.
  2. 3 Signs that your Blog is Going Down.
  3. 10+ Signs that your Customers are Satisfied.

The Unbelievable Truth that Never Told you about [Subject]

  1. The Unbelievable Truth that Never Told you about Facebook.
  2. The Unbelievable Truth that Never Told you about Android.
  3. The Unbelievable Truth that Never Told you about Email Marketing.

How to [Subject] – Free Tips

  1. How to Get more Facebook Followers – Free Tips
  2. How to Get more Email Subscribers – Free Tips
  3. How to Increase your Blog's Traffic in a Week – Free Tips
  4. How to Get more Email Subscribers – Free Tips
  5. How to Get your AdSense Application Approved – Free Tips

What [Person's Name] Teaches you about [Subject]

  1. What Mark Zuckerberg Teaches you about Facebook
  2. What Steve Jobs Teaches you about Apple Products
  3. What Socrates Teaches you about Importance of Education
Hope you enjoyed this article. As a blogger I personally use at least one low competition and high CTR keyword in each post title to increase my search engine crawls and AdSense Click Through Rate. We will update this article soon. So please subscribe to our newsletter. Now it’s your turn to mention your opinion about this article via comment..... happy blogging :)

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