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Every bloggers, including me prefer to provide the best customer support to our customers or visitors. But before that, you should have really know about the behavior of your customers is essential to optimize your platform. Once mounting a blog you need be aligned together with your audience, to meet and adapt to their needs. However, here we provide some tips to know your customers with your own blog or website and better handle with them!

First of all, one must assume that a blog only has longer life if interested in consuming content it publishes, otherwise the trend is that it is swallowed by the black hole of the internet. To make the page develop their functions properly is necessary to be in line with the thinking of the visitors.

   Practical Ways to Know Customers with Your Blog

As I mentioned, I would like to release my simple thoughts that can be made to develop the relationship between the platform and the internet, allowing the information obtained is used to improve the services offered and increase viewer ship. So please try to follow the below tips implement on your blog and be gentle always to deal with customers. Check it out below:

1. Use your Media to Ask Customers

The easiest way to get customer information to improve your blog is through the media that question directly. A very effective tip is to prepare polls relevant to the improvement of page questions such as, what they would like to see, what matters for posts, among other things. To be frankly, when you write a post, create a poll below your post inquiring "Did you find this article helpful?" or create a poll like "Which one do you suggest most?" if you owned a product review site or under your Top 10 category post...

media-kit for bloggers

Also, the main advantage of making a survey or creating a poll in your website or blog is, it's the quickest and easiest way to find possible responses of your audience whether they find your article helpful or not. More than a poll it's a Online Satisfaction Survey. Also don't forget to give then extra points by responding to your Survey. Moreover, be always careful while crating your surveys, because always aware to create same niche survey associated with your blog post. Also make sure you customers can vote for your surveys without even signing up.

Best 5+ Best Online Survey Websites

  1. SurveyMonkey – Free online survey software & questionnaire tool.
  2. Zoomerang – Best online survey software for fast, easy feedback.
  3. Google Forms – Choose from a variety of beautiful, pre-made themes.
  4. SurveyGizmo – Advanced online survey software with best customer service.
  5. Swagbucks – Pays you 'swag bucks' to answer daily polls, watch videos or play games.
  6. GlobalTestMarket – Free online paid survey site and permits you paid surveys for cash. 

2. Connect your Blog to Social Networks

increasing blog trafficThere are plenty of social networking sites that help you to boost your blog and blog posts. But social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram and are superb sites to maintain direct contact with your customers and consequently absorb information of interest to the blog. Hence, it's suggested to keep profiles with the name of your page in every social network, maintaining a relationship with the audience altogether media.

Moreover, it's important to keep these pages fed in order to encourage clients to talk to the mark, leaving them free to express opinions. Ask questions that are interesting and that they can improve their production of content in the future. You can also submit your blog to many websites and blog directories to make your blog more popular. I will suggest some of them are following:

10+ Best Blog Directories to Submit your Blog

  1. Best of the Web Blog Search – Best of the web trusted site ever.
  2. EatonWeb Blog Directory – The oldest blog directory on the web.
  3. – Blog directory that reads the RSS feed of your blog.
  4. Blog Catalog – Have a good amount of categories but no-frills design.
  5. Bloggeries – The human edited blog directory and clean interface.
  6. Globe of Blogs – Have many lists but allows only non commercial blogs.
  7. Blog Pulse – On-site analytics and have a clean design. Overall good.
  8. Blogarama – List blogs by category. Users are summoned to post reviews. 
  9. IndiBlogger – The famouse Indian blogger community and blog directory.
  10. Blog Hints – Over 100 categories and sub categories. Not bad design.
  11. BlogAdda – Claims largest Indian blog directory. Made for Indian bloggers.
  12. Bloglovin – Follow your favorite blogs and discover new ones with Bloglovin.

3. Track your Visitors within the Page

Now a day, there are many websites and smart phone apps that let you to track your blog visitors and let you sit back. If you're a Blogger user, you could able to view all your blog's Stats report sorted by Blogger itself as Overview, posts, Traffic Sources and Audience etc. The screenshot of a demo blog is given below:

how to increase blog traffic

Anyway, these websites and apps are more useful to know the clients, because from them it's possible to know what are the interests of each or which of your blog post they like most, and more.... For your help, I'd like to provide some best sites to help you by tracking your blog.

Top 10 Sites to Track Detailed Statistics of your Blog's Traffic & Sources

  1. Google Analytics – Most used web analytics and reporting on web.
  2. StatCounter – Helps you monitor actual human activity in real-time.
  3. SiteMeter – Fast and free web counter. Allows custom counters styles.
  4. AWStats – Free file log analyzer to track your Web/Mail/FTP statistics.
  5. Clicky – Clicky lets you know real time stats with unfettered interface.
  6. KISSmetrics – Discover who your customers are and what they're doing.
  7. Woopra – An all in one real-time customer analytics activity service place.
  8. Mixpanel – An advanced mobile analytics platform for mobile and the web.
  9. FoxMetrics – One of the best real-time analytics platforms to collect web data.
  10. W3Counter – Customizable visit counter and real-time reports for 100% free.
Yes, these are the best sites to track your website statistics. And among them, majority of bloggers including me would prefer Google Analytics. But nowadays I feel KISSmetrics is better than Google Analytics, because, as they said, google analytics tell you only what's happening but KISSmetrics tells you who’s doing it...LOL....sounds good na? Anyway, these sites are secure with your blog, because they never get external as well as personal data are only able to record the steps of the users within the page.

4. Let your Customers Comment on your Blog

This is a must have suggestion for every blog and website owners. You've to let your visitors comment on your blog, thus they can easily put forward their opinions, provide suggestions, tips and tricks, criticizing etc. Beyond that, the blog owner must be aware of everything (but do not copy other blogs) that is posted as each comment is a bit of each consumer, which helps to capture information. Also this policy helps you to make a relationship with your customers and one of the best ways to get know your customers nicely. But before you make them comment on your blog, please be aware of the following:

  • Let your Blog visitors comment using your keyword as name.
  • Make your blog dofollow comment policy to get more comments.
  • Place a Top Commentator Widget on your blog to encourage your customers.
  • Give replay to all your customers as you possible.
  • Also it helps you build your own authority and credibility.
  • Make your customers trust on you. It's beyond everything.

See also: Advantages of Answering Comments Received

5. Studying your Customer Behaviour

Make an overview of the blog to study the behavior of their customers. Check which texts with most views and comments are in addition to the most requested services. With these data it is possible to have a good sense of what attracts people to your page. As I mentioned above, if you're a newbie blogger, you can use your Blogger platform itself to what's trending on your blog? Or you may sign in to your Google Analytics account, under Content tab (it's on the left sidebar and screenshot below) you'll be able to see more information about the content you provided on your blog. But think; only blog admin can able to see this feature. If you crate a LABSTRIKE style popular post widget on your blog, it's more easily to find your visitors too that what’s going viral on your blog.

Google Analytics

You should also update your Popular Pages for more results. I've already done a post about why you should re-optimize your blog post? Here is some reason I would like to tell you briefly.

  • Promote your products or service by adding new content into your previous article
  • Add internal linking but don’t over do that. It’s a negative SEO
  • You can give a special giveaway offer to your customers with that post
  • Try to make that page a Sales Squeeze or landing page with Thesis
  • Finally, sometimes your re-optimized article doesn't make you breakfast...LOL :)

6. Finally, Meet your Competitors

This is gonna wind up. So before that I would suggest you to always be aware of your competitors. You should know what they are offering and what's garnering public. Therefore, you should follow all things I mentioned above to keep your customers you should follow all things I've just pointed out before and keep up and prevent your customers from switching to other blogs. Because once they leave your blog, it's hard to bring them back. It’s the reason I told you just before that "Make your customers trust on you. It's beyond everything".
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