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What is a ping in blogging? In simple words, it’s a process that you inform all search engines and the world that your blog has been updated. It’s very important to keep your blog updated daily to drive more visitors, but I don’t prefer update your blog with name sake content in order to post a quality content. So here we provide some great free ping sites online help search engine web crawler discover your content faster than ever.

   What is a Ping in Blogging

Well, I have described this at the beginning of this post, but in detail, in the world of blogs and websites, ping is the name given to a type of an XML-RPC-based push mechanism that tends to serve a particular server your blog or website has been updated with new content. So when ever you update your blog with new article, it is very important to ping your blog post just after you published to get your blog post indexed faster by major search engines and they're the most important ones.

   Where do Ping Services Notify your Updated Content

  • BlogShares
  • Weblogalot
  • Topic Exchange
  • Search Engines
  • A2B GeoLocation
  • A2B GeoLocation
  • Blog Search Engine
  • Website Directories
  • Feed Burner
  • Popular News Websites
  • News content aggregators
  • News Feeds directories
  • Many more.........

   Reasons Why you Should Ping Your Blog

There are mainly two reasons I realized personally with my blog. After publishing a new post, the above ping services allow me to automatically notify website and blog directories to get my blog rapidly indexed by search engines. As a result of this process I get almost 7500+ page views per day from many sources. So it’s my responsibility to mention all ping sites I use frequently to update my blog. But I advice you sign in to your Google Webmaster Tools — Sitemaps — Sitemaps (All content types) — Resubmit and Refresh the page before you ping your blog online and after you publish a new post.

   How Often Should you Ping your Blog

  • Ping your blog only when it's updated
  • Never ping your blog when it's not updated
  • Never do over ping. It's a penalty
  • Do not ping content with JavaScript
  • Use plug-ins to avoid over pinging
  • Use BlogPingy app on your mobile
  • Pinging sites never boost your ranking

   Best Ping Services Website List with High GPR for Quick Index

Sl.No Name Google Page Rank Site Pings Hyperlink
1 Google Page Rank 7 Pings 48 websites Visit Site
2 Ping-O-Matic! Google Page Rank 6 Pings 20 websites Visit Site
3 Twingly Ping Google Page Rank 6 Pings 20 websites Visit Site
4 MyPagerank.Net Google Page Rank 5 Pings 20 websites Visit Site
5 Google Page Rank 5 Pings 67 websites Visit Site
6 Google Page Rank 5 Pings 37 websites Visit Site
7 Feed Shark Google Page Rank 5 Pings 62 websites Visit Site
8 Meltwater IceRocket Google Page Rank 5 Pings 30 websites Visit Site
9 Google Blog Search Google Page Rank 4 Pings 30 websites Visit Site
10 Total Ping Google Page Rank 4 Pings 48 websites Visit Site
11 Pingler Google Page Rank 4 Pings 99 websites Visit Site
12 Small SEO Tools Google Page Rank 4 Pings 80 websites Visit Site
13 Google Page Rank 4 Pings 25 websites Visit Site
14 Ping.IN Google Page Rank 4 Pings 49 websites Visit Site
15 Google Ping Google Page Rank 3 Pings 103 websites Visit Site
16 Bulk Ping Google Page Rank 3 Pings 60 websites Visit Site
17 Google Page Rank 3 Pings 62 websites Visit Site

   Know Whether Google Indexed your Content or Not

It is so simple guys. You no need to be a SEO expert to get to know whether Google indexed your site or not after pinging your updated blog post. What you have to do is simply go to Google search and type the post title you updated on your blog, then click enter or search icon. If your blog post is indexed, it'll be clearly visible in first search result itself (if you typed the entire post title instead of keyword). And try it with a keyword search whether it’s done or not. Please note your content may take some hours to get indexed after your ping. I have provided a screenshot below for quick understanding:

Blog post indexed by Google

As I mentioned just above, if you get a search result like this means your updated blog post has been indexed by Google. But we advice that you should be patient some hours after you ping your blog. Because Google will take some time to index your updated content. Also I recommend you use Google Keyword Planner to get the low competition keyword with high price. Let me cover this topic on my upcoming blog post. So please be patient.

WordPress User? Use MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer Plug-in: Download Now

Please note: This plugin requires one time free registration. Use only if you are using WordPress 3.5+.

   How to Update your WordPress Ping List Manually

  • Download Updated WordPress Ping Service list — Link
  • Log in to your WordPress blog account — Dashboard
  • Go to Settings — Writing — Update Services
  • Add the downloaded ping list in Update Services box

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