Swapping Your PC with a Mac for Better Experience

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swap from pc to mac
Is iPhone, iPod and iPad not Apple enough? Ready to take another juicy bite of the Apple by giving up your old PC for a Mac? Since November 2011, the sales of Mac have gained momentum and many people are now swapping their PC with a Mac. People flock to the Mac looking for a superior experience. But you still need to do it intelligently. Here’re some ways how you can transfer all your precious data from your PC to your new Mac:

   Migrating Data from Old PC to Your New Mac

It’s a comprehensive lowdown on migrating your information from PC to Mac, and preserving everything for later use. So, we offer an entire guide to swap your recent computer to your new Mac:

online cloud storage services1. Silver Lining of the Cloud: Ditch all the anxiety attacks that might be attacking you after you see the amount of data stored in your PC that you have to transfer to your Mac. By storing your files in folder that is synced to the cloud by using a service such as Dropbox and then downloading the Mac app and logging into your account is an easy way to transfer all your data. All that is needed from you is some relaxing as the files sync on their own.

Best Cloud Storage Services: Dropbox | Google Drive | SkyDrive | SugarSync

If you place all your data on iMAP server, you can access your data on your Mac just by entering the credentials of your server in Mac. Same goes for Google Docs. All your spreadsheets and other documents will be right there when you log in to your Gmail account while using whichever browser that you wish. 

2. Apple to the Rescue: If you plan on buying your Mac from an Apple Store, add a One to One service worth $99 to your cart. Apart from introducing you to other Apple products, a onetime data transfer service is offered. You can do it just by taking you PC to an Apple Store and getting all your data transferred by the people there.

3. Manually Moving the Data: By simply connecting your PC and Mac through a wired or wireless network, you can transfer all your data from one device to another but when you try doing this make sure that you enable file sharing and make the files on your PC available. Make the connection to your PC and the folder you have shared will appear on your Mac.

Virtual Assistant
4. Taking the Help of Virtual Assistant: Don’t much know about what is a Virtual Assistant? A virtual Assistant (VA) is an office administration skilled providing remote administrative support to tiny or medium sized businesses. When pushing the power button on your Mac for the first time, you’re encountered by a Virtual Assistant who connects you to the internet, configures important settings and asks you if you want to transfer data from a PC or another Mac.

If you skip the data transfer option then, you can make use of the option later by using the Migration Assistant. The Migration Assistant is the easiest form of data transfer assistant takes the entire process on its own shoulders.

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