Improve your Blog Traffic through Code Optimizations

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Improve your Blog Traffic
Nowadays, SEO has become over the years a science increasingly complex and difficult to follow. In case of novice Bloggers, theyre not aware of what its? Although, a newbie Blogger doesnt know how Google determines your website or blog’s ranking? And therere a number of procedures or methods that their characteristics are verified to be efficient from a positive point of view. So, today were gonna see how you can improve your blog traffic via Code optimizations.

Do you know? A good SEO Optimization goes through several aspects, but in essence is mainly related to contents (i.e. quality content) and management links. However, therere numerous techniques of Search Engine Optimization related to the management of code and technical details of your website or blog, that along will create an incredible difference. Therefore, I recommend 3 major factors to improve your traffic and blogs rankings from Code Optimizations.

Css menu bar for blogger1. Semantics: Ill explain what Semantics is in detail lately. It seems that Google provides a better rankings to the websites and blogs thatre valid, and therere still advantages in terms of navigation and browser. 
Providing Google a better certainty (confidence) and comfy list these websites and blogs for trustworthy and consider them as an asset for your visitors. Moreover, it improves the user experience on your blog.

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2. Charging Time: Although your readers arent able to quit on your website or blog as a result of it takes a pair of 2 or 3 minutes to completely charge it, the reality is that search engines offer much importance to those small details. Anyway, do you keep a specific time for publishing your blog posts? If yes, mention them via comment and itll be more useful for the people who share their content with equal interest.
3. Proper Keywords: Even a newbie Blogger has the wisdom to realize the importance of keywords. Keywords as with optimizing for search engines regularly, it is important you make use of good keywords in your content so that your rankings improve gradually. Furthermore, proper keywords drives unique visitors to your blog, thus to provide Organic Traffic. If your blog faces any problem with Keywords, its hard to index your site in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

   Can I Optimize My Code Snippets to Improve Traffic?

Yes, Of Course, and were glad to reach you with some best practical strategies to improve your traffic via simple Code Optimizations, that in the future of your blog able to create an alteration as a minimum abysmal. So, lets begin. Are you ready?

1. Validation and Semantics: Validate your website or blog and use an appropriate semantics is very important in several respects, however were gonna focus only on the advantages of SEO. To validate your website or blog through the W3C standards, proceed the W3C Validation Service, go over the report for errors and improve the code of your website or blog in step with the suggestions. After you follow the standards of the W3C to validate your website or web log and uses semantic correct, cutting categories and IDS Victimization Selector and element names properly chosen, therere varieties of advantages youll be able to get:

  • CSS and HTML Compression: The less code to your page has the faster upload and downloads the information contained therein. Yes, CSS and HTML Code snippets are essential to design your blog layout. Moreover, even CSS Code snippet uses as a lazy load plug-in to speed up your blog. But if youre using high customized or default Blogger template, in order to speed up your blog.

Its because Google decides PageRank according to the blog speed nowadays. Using Code Compression is one of the main ways to speed up your blog. So, Ive provided top 3 sites to compress your CSS, HTML and JavaScript Code snippets. Please follow the link URL provided below to compress your code snippets.

HTML Compression: | CSS Compression: CSS drive | JavaScript Compression: JSCompress

  • Improved Rankings: Ive already explained a brief idea of what Validation and Semantics is? And have provided the best validation service. If you dare follow the above mentioned things, if youve a website or blog properly validated, youll notice an improvement in your rankings that even without considering the content. Means, Google never takes care of your content whether its 100% quality content or not.

2. Use Title Tags and ALT Tags: To improve the accessibility and SEO optimization of your page in terms of keywords, use the Title tags and ALT tags. If you already owned a website or blog, no arguments, you should often use a Title tag that links to your blog, portraying the contents of the link and keywords each time using that description. If you envisage a link to your blogs homepage, this link could have a Title tag like "LABSTRIKE - How to & Technology Blog", whereas keywords could be ones that you wanted.

The same happens with the ALT tags on images. Given that 100% to validate your website or domain these tags are essential, use them according to content and keywords of your blog. Whats more, the novice Bloggers doesnt care about what are ALT tags? So, for newbies, Ive published a trending post with additional info using image ALT and Title tags to increase SEO. Therefore, drive little more traffic to your blog from Google images!

3. Title Tags of your Blog: Title tags of your website or blog titles are normally well-defined on each page of your blog, as for example in this article. These securities are very prominent to Google, so its important youve the proper keywords in the titles that allocates to its contents along with unique titles for each page. Means, if you write an almost similar content with little bit difference, but not 100% unique; your Title tag should be 100% unique for the better indexing of your blog in GoogleSERP.

4. Using Header Tags: As significant as Title Tags, Header Tags are also one of the best places to put keywords in your blog. The Header Tags should be used in sequence. Taking this into explanation, your h1 tag should be the title of your website or blog; h2 tags should be the title of the page on which the user is, and h3 tags should be part of a sub for example. But in Blogger, h3 tags are using instead of main Title tag. So, follow the next link URL to optimize your blog post titles for better SEO impact if youre using Blogger platform.

5. Replace the Flash for jQuery: Regardless of all the advances made, Google continues to ignore the clearly websites and web logs created in Flash. As youre probably not a groovy brand that needs no ranking to receive thousands of visitors per day, the Flash may be his sentence. Nevertheless, if you replace all Flash actions of your website or blog, for comparable actions carried out with jQuery, its contents will be analyse by Search Engines, in addition to all contents involved in jQuery will also be indexed precisely. And this feature is exceedingly important for all users who use jQuery to migrate from small to large blocks of text blocks.

6. Link for jQuery Library on Google: Familiar with Google Hosted Libraries? Google Hosted jQuery helps you reduce the load on your server, making your website or blog load faster. jQuery Library from Google is a bit smaller than the Standard jQuery Library, and is also completely optimized to work more accurately and rapidly. Why wait? Dont be delay to try it now if youre a WordPress user and let me know your experience via comments!

7. Solve Broken Links and JavaScript Errors: If you solve your blogs broken links and potential errors in JavaScript scripts thatre in your website or blog, you can considerably boost the loading speed of your web page. If you search on Google, youll find many sites to check your broken links. But among these, W3C Link Checker is a recommended web tool thats absolutely free and checks multiple level of depth. Also consider to remove all the scripts that you no longer use, its code that the browser may have to unavoidably read whenever you wanna load your blog page.

8. Optimize your PHP Code: Therere numerous ways to optimize PHP Code performance contained in your website or blog, it turns out to have numerous consequences on the page loading. Optimize the most of your variables, their functions and their file pointers. For example, optimize your variables out of the "loop", youll be able to pass up repeating these same variables for several sections. Consequently, this will increase the load time of your website or blog significantly.

9. Using .htaccess Files: You can use .htaccess file to define the names of your pages or rename certain pages. If youre using PHP variables, its more important. Include the foremost necessary keywords by separating them with hyphens. Youll additionally use these .htaccess files to send your users to specific pages, if these keep the record of a page that now not exists, as an example.

Obviously, SEO isnt almost content and keywords. Though these optimization tips dont increase abundant the pace of your website or blog if it doesnt have quality content, the reality is that theyll be terrific for anyone whos beginning or for people who already produce quality content.

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