Are You Safe with your Feed Readers After July 1, 2013?

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Google reader shutting down
Google Reader, the best feed reader loyalty and power to millions of blogs around the world, meets its inevitable End on July 1, 2013. Its a rebirth of Anyway, you should aware of one thing that, if your reader still not migrated to other alternative services, periodically your blogs might not lose immense source of traffic. Many Bloggers, especially novice, arent aware of this drawback, even for those who handle insufficient feed subscribers.

I too use Google Reader to get updates from,, and more. So its not easy to visit each site manually by copy and paste the links on the browsers address bar. Though its the most popular used service in the world to add reading list Feed or RSS. In fact, it seems a vast Central Control Updates of all your chosen blogs. Anyhow, if it comes to an end, you may have the chance to loose all your feed readers and subscribers. So be careful..!!!

   Will I lose all my Feed readers after July 1, 2013?

Most Bloggers, including me, have the possibility to lose our feed readers and subscribers. Would you please envisage that your blog contains only 400 enrolled in the Feed, means all these 400 fewer readers able to understand that your blog has been updated. Despite the fact, it doesnt often mean a direct visit that audience is by now loyal and without Google Reader or any alternative, be unable to find all interactions with your blog.

Ive already mentioned some of my favorite sites above. More than that, I read many feeds and even dont know the address of all websites and blogs I follow. If I stop receiving updates for a reader feed, will almost mislay contact with blogs I prefer, in addiction that, not easy to visit one by one manually. Therefore, the Feed is the only path to have a contact with other Bloggers while updating their or your blog.

   Is there any possibility to keep my Feed safe?

Yes, of course. Therere some possibilities to keep your loyal feed audience safe. They all suggest that public migrating to further forms of loyalty, some not straight, however as well-organized as or perhaps better than a listing of feeds.

  • Social Networking: I feel social networking, especially Facebook and Twitter are the best and easiest that I able to recommend to your audience to follow your blog. These networks are easier to send your blogs update, share links and even interact with your audience in a direct as well as proactive. Moreover, this includes the contribution of your audience with comments and shares that increase your blog visit.

Now, its the era of Facebook. So, its the best source to generate traffic and allegiance than any other social network. And Google+, which cant be overlooked, on the other hand needs additional human effort and work, as numerous people still dont use this service even Google often try to promote.

In case of Twitter, has the practicality and effortlessness in its favor. Twitter too is one of the best ways to get quality followers that drive unique traffic to your blog. Anyway, each social network has its own style and user friendliness, but the results will be amazing.

  • Providing a Newsletter: Its better to follow the pattern of the feed, sending updates to your subscribers via newsletter may save the list of many blogs. A promotion or seeking more active and specific audiences, able to make sure that your blog doesnt lose touch with that audience that wont change the format. if you wanna add newsletter forms to your blog, just visit this link to get a serious of email newsletter forms.

Though newsletter is simple and efficient as reader Feeds to receive, the problem is that, we receive minimum 200 emails every day and annoy some of them. so, as a Blogger, never ignore any email shortly by subject.

   The Best Google Reader Alternatives

Now its your time to find out the best Google Reader alternatives. By the end of the Google Reader, the world is not gonna end, right? And youll be able to find many news reading apps and services with syncing features all around the web currently. Now Ive collected some Google Reader alternatives to keep you safe and well-organized. So keep in touch with the following Google Reader alternatives.

» NewsBlur | Best Service for Power Users


NewsBlur is the most suggested service when Google announced the end of the Reader officially. Also a finest RSS client. Newsblur always be different from other reader alternatives with its well formed interface and easy to use, also seems so comparable to Google Reader. if you wish to go for free account, are limited at 64 blogs, moreover, for premium users ($24/yr) and gets unlimited blog subscribe options along with fast site refresh, reach stories at one time and able to share confidentially or openly. If you still not owned an account, you cant create one now due to the prevention of free users. So the only remedy is sign up for a premium account.

» Pulse | Capable Alternative for Reader


Pulse is one of the considerable replacements to Google Reader. its a syncing RSS reader. You may probably think its a sixth sense to find stories that they believe youll surely enjoy. The great feature of Pulse is you can nominate your most liked stories as favorite; Pulse is ready to hire up the stimulating stories to the top. Also you can import your Google Reader feeds to Pulse. Same as Feedly, Pulse too offers a webapp as well as mobile apps for Android, iOS and tablets. And it provides a option to browse and filter your favorite stories by category. Whats more? Stay tuned for Pulse if you wish..!!!

» Feedly | The Best Overall Reader


Feedly is one of the most popular Google Reader alternatives that people were using before the official shutting down announcement to Google Reader from Google. I just wanna ask you one question guys. How many of them just migrated your feeds to Feedly when Google announced Reader was shutting down. Actually Feedly is my personal favorite alternative to Google Reader. Via Feedly, youll be able to share your stories or blog updates with your audience and can dispatch them to your favored social media. Moreover, it has the best eye-catching layout and therere add-ons for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and even hires mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

» NetVibes | Substantial Dashboarding Service


NetVibes is a dashboarding service for Bloggers like me. But its not popular and most used as Feedly and Newsblur according to the opinion poll. But it doesnt meant its not good. NetVibes provides their basic accounts absolutely for free, but according to the users survey, if you wish to go for a premium or pro accounts, further expensive. Moreover you don't need any additional services (available for Premium & Pro accounts) to read your favorite RSS feeds. Also you can easily subscribe to your chosen blogs via pasting in their link URL. As Feedly and Pulse, NetVibes doesn't offer any mobile apps, but have a mobile site (sorry, able to read, but not to edit anything) that sets upright for smartphones.

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   So, what you think, you're safe or not?

Now what you think? Do you believe that you're safe with your Feed readers or not? As I mentioned above you're always be safe and with the end of Google Reader, the world is not gonna end, but we've to say a huge thanks and goodbye to our Google Reader before its shutting down. Anyhow we're awaiting for your suggestions about above Google Reader alternatives via comment provided below...!!!