Things to be Concerned While Uploading Images in Blogger

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Care While Uploading Images in Blogger
I’ve tempted to write this post because of my blog LabStrike faced some issues with image hosting. So if youre using Blogger, therere many things you should take care of yourself while uploading images in your blog post. I mainly focus some of the advantages and disadvantages of free Blogger image hosting and would really like to share best image hosting services online. Because I believe its better than Picasa, default Blogger image hosting Service.

If youre a newbie Blogger, using downloaded Blogger Template from any other sources, or using the default Blogger template, you probably use pictures in two different ways. First One: Images that you used to upload in your blog post or used for widget or gadget. Second One: For the purposes of your blog design, images used in HTML layout of your Blogger blog. Lets look at in detail.

Images Used in Blog Posts: When you upload a picture in your blog post, please be aware to host your pictures in somewhere. While uploading an image from your computer to your blog post, it unconsciously host your image in Picasa, a free image hosting service from Blogger by default.

In Blogger, exists many options to upload image; direct from
Blogger Image uploading Options
PC, from your blog itself, via Picasa web albums, phone, webcam and link URL. Inserting pics via link URL (using direct link URL) allows you to upload a image that already hosted wherever else be it from your existing Picasa alternatives or the one you already created.

Picasa Image Storage: If youre uploading pics from your computer (i.e.: default Picasa), not via link URL, youve a storage limit of 1GB for both photos and videos. So if you go beyond this limit, it might get broken. Therefore youve to pay to upgrade your Picasa account. You can see its storage limit and plan pricing via next link: Picasa Web Albums: Account upload limits | Storage plan pricing

Image Dimension: While blogging, uploading pics from your computer, it stores not only in Picasa but automatically compresses and re-size too. As you see, Blogger has mainly five options:

  • Small in size – 200px width
  • Medium in size – 320px width
  • Large in size – 400px width
  • X-Large in size – 640px width
  • Original in size – Default image dimensions

If you set your image in small, medium, large, or X-large in size, picll show up in full size when reader clicked on, but you can choose only above four options in your blog post. Remember, X-Large size and original size depends upon your default image dimension.

.  Best Image Hosting Services for Improved Blogging

Now lets come to the important point. By hosting your images via free image hosting services, youll have higher manipulation of the pic seems in your blog post while not a impulsive re-size or compression. The main purpose we depend on this hosting services is to make a Direct Link URL to our hosted pic. So we'll be able to use this direct link either in Blogger blog post or custom design tweaking (in Blogger Edit HTML section). Anyway, Im sharing my personal most liked free image hosting services with you guys:

» | Visit Site - My first favorite personal site that Im going through. Its owned by, is more user friendly, reliable and allows you free image hosting, photo sharing and video hosting services. TinyPic becomes my favorite because of its short URL, but only fault that I realize is therell be name for your hosted images. Also has an unlimited bandwidth. Other features are:

  • Image dimension (width x height) limits up to 1600px pixels.
  • Image or Video once you uploaded never be removed.
  • Unlimited storage, hosting period and bandwidth...!!!
  • Have the option for multiple image upload.

Once you uploaded, youll be able to redirect "Share This Image" page. Simply copy the URL from Direct Link for Layouts box and can use it in your blog posts or Blogger template. I use TinyPic to host my Read More button and slider arrows.

» | Visit Site - Photobucket is another image sharing and hosting site that I like as TinyPic. Its easy to share and host your images and videos. Photobucket allows you to choose either Free account or Pro (paid) account. Your account will be Free by default. Other stunning features are:

  • Able to sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account.
  • Access 1GB (1024MB) storage capacity for images and video clips.
  • Limited to 1MB file size and max resolution of 1024 X 768px for free users.
  • Limits 25GB of bandwidth per month for free users.

You can easily upload your image in order to get direct link URL. But before uploading, you may read Upload instructions from Photobuckets official feedback page. make sure to copy direct link for your blogs layout pages.

» | Visit Site - ImageShack really helps you to host your images, flash files and even videos too. As other hosting services, its too a free service, but it provides more additional features for paid users than free users. Other features of ImageShack that I really like to share with you guys are:

  • Uploading image should be less than 5MB in size.
  • Able to access the image whenever you want.
  • Allows you unlimited storage capacity.
  • Allows unlimited bandwidth for videos and slideshows.
  • Allows 300MB of transfer per hour for each hot-linked image.

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In this online era, you can find more services other than these. But the reason I shared these services with you is for, it offers more features above image hosting. Lets see that clearly via upcoming post. Also dont forget to share and provide us with your valuable comments.