Practical Ways to Attract Direct Advertisers to your Blog

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Attract Direct Advertisers to your Blog
Many Bloggers think different ways to monetize their blog. Though AdSense is the best way for your blog monetization, its not easy to get your AdSense application approved. Therefore I attempted on a subject that hardly any Bloggers think: how to be successful in direct sponsors, or advertisers for your blog or websites? Anyway, I dont wanna provoke your curiosity. But the only thing that I recommend you may read everything thoroughly and delicately.
Affiliate programs for your blog

Before I begin this post, you should be concerned five things thatre extremely important for you to accomplish direct advertisers, or sponsors for your blog. In my point of view, Affiliate Programs (especially Google Affiliate Ads) are the best practical way to monetize your blog and websites nowadays. Remarkably Google AdSense for its easy placement along with modification to nearly any blog content, am I right? 

If youre a novice Blogger, use affiliate programs only the path to discover the potential of your blog, but later when youre experienced, use it to achieve direct advertisers or sponsors for your business blog. In case of Affiliate Programs, it doesnt matter what you blog niche is, but its always profitable. 

But sometime or somehow, it be influenced by your blog content (type of contents you write and publish on your blog) and the target audience. Whats more, its our time to be successful in some direct sponsors for our blog whos ready to pay for the ad space truly engaged.

While surfing some popular blogs, I learned, theyre not placing sponsored ads in one monetization method. Ive my own preferences, and even a little of bother hit me with affiliate programs. I, as a Blogger, advertisers provide additional direct right and left space for the revealing of my very own products and services.

   Conquering Direct Advertisers or Sponsors

If you search in Google, you may find the best way to conquer your advertisers is to create quality content and target on a specific audience from U.S.A especially. If youre from India, and your audience is from your native country only, sponsors might not be interested to advertise on your blog, Ive experienced this from my early sponsors, thats why Im target my audience outside from my native country, India...!!!

Furthermore, your blog can never be coherent, because many advertise companies are hunting for mainly ongoing as well as consistent work. Now lets have a deep look into some other point to attract advertisers getting sponsorship for a blog. So take in mind below points seriously.

» Durability is the First Step: Durability or longevity is an essential element to gain advertisers. Therefore, I recommend you create unique and quality content for your blog. Along with this, the blog layout design is a major element to keep your visitors little more time on your blog. Actually new blogs with duplicate (copied) content not be able to convince sponsored advertisers, especially if youre looking for Google AdSense.

So be ready to engage with the monetization of affiliate programs, learn the abilty of your work and develop your own niche. Probably this may take at some time, one year I think. Dont know exactly.

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Good blog layout design

» Great Layout with Enough Ad Space: Your blog must contain a good availability of ad space and this layout shouldve great quality, visual and the best usability. if youre really eager to make real money from you own blog, either with direct sponsors (advertisers), affiliate programs or with your own product or services, I suggest you buy a premium template design for your blog via

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The Next Big Thing is the blogging platform. Though Blogger is a good platform to build great blogs, professionals never recommend Blogger. They often hire their sound for WordPress only. Its because of thereve plenty of plug-in (s) that really sketch to evaluate the potential of each space banners.

Genius advertisers always take a look into your traffic analytics, right? But before the analyticities, they should feel your blog seem as professional. But for some one, it goes through the platform you used. So if you want, able to redirect traffic from Blogger to WordPress. Remember its a redirection not migration.
Media Kit for blog advertisers

» Create a Media Kit for Advertisers: In my opinion, via a Media Kit page may be the best practical way to show up that your blog is able for direct discussions with advertisers. Whats more guys? Ive collected top 3 websites that can really earn money though youre a newbie Blogger. I would really thank the site MakeUseOf for this helpful info. You can access the article via Finding a Sponsor Quickly.

Enjoyed this article? Anyway, its time to wind up this post. Im concerned as a normal human being and mistakes are always possible. So were welcome your feedback and corrections via comment...!!!

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