9 Things You Should Add in your RSS Feed Footer

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9 Things You Should Add in your RSS Feed Footer
One of the facts more real to make an audience with a blog is that readers and RSS subscribers are truly complicated to monetize in any way at all. On the other hand, the act of blogging and be continually looking for more efficiently monetize your blog, which always makes your blog seem better with a view to several widgets, such as significantly increase your pageviews. RSS Feeds are really a blessing to our blog. Guys! Am I right?

Either because your readers arent more faithful and constant, nor their potential monetization is really enormous, given the characteristics of the types of readers who normally read. So Ive written here on LabStrike, quite a few ways to monetize your RSS Feeds and as well some tools to use with your RSS Feeds.

Things to Add in the Footer of your RSS Feed
Bloggers whos using either Blogger or WordPress, therere several plugins (especially for WordPress users) that can help maximize the potential of your RSS Feeds, especially the footer of your articles that regard as:
1. PostPost Plugin » Lets you edit the content that seems before or after your RSS Feeds, through the use of HTML. You can also describe what comes before and after your articles. Download PostPost Plugin
2. RSS Footer » This is a plugin that allows you to not only edit the end of your RSS Feeds, in addition to add a link (backlink) to the original article by default. So whenever someone tries to copy your RSS content, feel free, youll gain backlinks to your blog. Get RSS Footer for WordPress
3. Feed Footer » One of the greatest plugins to mess with your blog footer. Ive mentioned about this plugin here, and I consider its a great addition to any blog you need to run “upto 10 ads or content” in the footer of your RSS Feed. Get Feed Footer for WordPress
 9 Things to Add in the Footer of your RSS Feed
Keep in your mind; lets check out 9 things you should add in your RSS Feed Footer in order to make it further unique and at the similar time more profitable. Moreover it makes you stay safe and secure!

» © Copyright and Backlink – A mustve thing to add in your RSS Feed Footer, are certainly elements that can protect yourself from content theft (plagiarism) of your creative property. To avoid your RSS Feeds are continuously stolen and used by underhand authors, I highly recommend you use the Copyright Footer RSS plugin (for WordPress users) and also add Copyright text line (for e.g.: see LabStrike footer) that their contents are. Therefore, whensoever somebody steal your article, neer send a “backlink” to your blog or website, certainly hes violating the © Copyright.

» Banner AdvertisementsI think banners advertising are still not so common in RSS Feeds, right? With the WordPress plugin, RSS Feed Footer slightly remarked above, youll be able to add banners to the content of your blog, spacing them before or after the contents. One more option may include the procedure of banner ads in your RSS Feeds, a service provided by Feedburner and could officially be used the constant way as banner ads. However, something that be successful in terms of RSS Feeds, is the positioning of banners for affiliate programs thatre an advantage to their authors.

» Network ProjectsI currently run only a blog, LabStrike, but Ive seen some bloggers like Amit Agarwal (Labnol.org), Michael Arrington (TechCrunch.com) handle more than one blog at the same time. Anyway, the common thing to all of them is the faculty of directing traffic to their blog. When youve a blog and built an audience, it becomes easier to achieve and direct this traffic to other blogs that audience has or proposes. Its then very stimulating and deliberate, using the RSS Feed Footer to promote articles or links to your other blogs.

Link Exchange
» Provide Something in ExchangeWhen anyone subscribes to your blog, you should recommend him the “opportunity” to read your content in a more simple and effectual. However, its one thing thats common to any blog or website at present. Its so significant to think up a strategy aimed at drawing more subscribers to your blog, by offering a free eBook for instance.

I, the author of LabStrike seem this method so useful to gain more RSS Feed Subscribers. By subscribing to the blog that offers a free eBook, the reader obtains the right to download and utilize the proposed offer. Also guys, get ready to receive a free SEO eBook from LabStrike too.

» Exchange your LinksEven though Im sicking tired of link exchange between blogs and websites, it seems rather useful if applied to RSS Feeds. Also Ive seen some blogs thatve a considerably identical to its audience, and that be responsible for quality content, and recommend them via your RSS Feed. Thiss a remarkable way to encourage other blog authors, while they encourage themselves in “diverse niches” and types of audiences.

» Related or Popular ArticlesYour RSS Feed Footer can also be used as a way to promote other content of your creative blog. To accomplish this, youll be able to use a plugin WordPress Related Posts, or slightly select 5 or 10 items that're found to be extremely popular in your blog. In my blog LabStrike, I use default blogger popular post widget (can see “Other Posted Articles” at the right sidebar) and its a rotating popular post widget with relative frequency, or else your visitors will quickly gain “content sightlessness”.

» Sale of Products or ServicesGiven that the audience that subscribes via RSS Feed is unquestionably the foremost loyal to your blog, it would be fruitful to “encourage products or services” that perform because the author of the blog. Be within the production of themes, building pages, in selling products or just to make programming projects, therere several opportunities thatre able to promote with this kind of specialized audience.

» Promote your Social NetworksOne of the items that a lot of bloggers (including me) probably use now a days is the promotion of social medias & votes on social networks. The utilization of these voting systems could prompt your readers to vote for your blog articles, to submit your articles to “submission sites”, among other options. To achieve this, youll be able to enable the wider distribution service FeedFlare - FeedBurner by Google.

» Promote your Newsletter FormAdding a newsletter form to your RSS Feed footer is one of the best way to increase your RSS Feed Subscribers. I found Digital Inspiration is one of the exemplars that I remembered now. This type of your audience already subscribes on a particular form, are likely to be willing to subscribe to further service, if it adds value to the reader and also along with the blog.

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