Top 5 iPhone Apps to Help you Pick Out and Apply Eye Makeup

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top iPhone eye makeup apps
iPhone apps are typically designed to be very good resources for one specific thing. Each app has its own purpose, and that singular focus allows app developers to better design tools that put the power you need in the palm of your hand. For example, you’d be surprised at just how many worthwhile apps are available for the specific topic of picking out and applying eye makeup. These apps can help you instantly transform your look in a really fun and efficient way.

The 5 Most Useful iPhone Apps for Eye Makeup

Top iphone eye makeup apps 2013

» Makeup Plus – If you’ve ever wanted to get specific, step-by-step instructions for a variety of different eye makeup looks, Makeup Plus is the app for you. The provided instructions include both images and videos, which will in turn help make sure that you’re applying makeup in the right order to the right locations for the best possible results. 

» Eye Makeup Trends – As its name suggests, Eye Makeup Trends is designed to make sure that you are up to date on all the latest trends and news relating to various types of eye makeup. You can learn about the latest styles, get detailed instructions for specific looks and even ask questions to professional makeup technicians.

» MAKE UP FOR EVER Pocket Studio – Make Up For Ever Pocket Studio is a way to find bold new looks each and every day. Users can specify the exact style that they’re going for as well as their overall mood. The app will then return a listing of eye makeup styles that match those criteria. In addition, users will be presented with detailed instructions on how to properly pull of each look for the beast possible results.

» Lighted Mirror (with Magnifying Glass) – The Lighted Mirror app is a great opportunity to turn your iPhone into a legitimate beauty accessory. The Lighted Mirror app will use the iPhone’s front-facing camera to display a magnified image of your eye. You can then use the phone’s screen to zoom in and get a better look at a specific area, allowing you to apply your makeup in a much easier and safer way. 

» Virtual Makeover from DailyGlow – The official Virtual Makeover app allows you to give yourself an instant makeover with just a few taps of your finger. Using your iPhone’s camera, take a picture of yourself without eye makeup in just a couple of seconds. You can then use the application to see exactly what certain eye makeup styles would look like when applied. Instead of applying eye makeup and deciding that you don’t like a particular look, you can save a lot of time and frustration by using the Virtual Makeover app to its fullest potential. 

Whether you’re trying to find out more information about the latest trends, want to see specific instructions for how to apply a look you’ve in mind or just want to know what you’d look like in various eye makeup styles, you’ll be able to find an app to meet your needs in the iTunes App Store.

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