How to Measure the Success of your Blog

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metrics to measure blog success
It may seem especially personal, but I do believe some bloggers wanna know how it would be possible to compare your results with alternative bloggers, as well as the number of visits, page views, followers and other potentials that stand for measuring a Blog. At the tip of the word “success” means “results” and provides it to compare and measure to see where were returning with our effort. So, how youll be able to measure the success of your blog? Lets see.

How to Measure the Success of your Blog
Here, in this post Ive provided some pointers that youll be able to compare the success/results of your website or blog with other others related to your niche. Being successful, means, I realized somewhat depends on their own observations and the way others see your work. Youll be able to have few visitors and reach more success than others have thousands.

So I highly recommend you notice that, youve almost certainly visited blogs (related to your niche or not, whatever) that perceive thousands of visits per day/month and not able to think of their names, produce other “minor” are on your list of Favorites or Feed reader.

So you dont have to be suspicious with numbers. Sometimes its not even good looking statistics and metrics to preserve the quality level of your blog (stop tracking visits to your blog). Moreover, a blog with a few months of existence, I mean less than 6 months wont have enormous results as another that has survived for several years.

How Can you Measure the Results of your Blog?

Still, if you wanna others buy your blog in a decent worth, itll take some data under consideration. Some are more relevant than others and a few dont serve much real data as a parameter, but if you wish numbers... Anyway, do check the following thing and evaluate yourself that whether your blog is a success or not.

1. Alexa Ranking », one of the best Web Information Companies for you to get entire information of your blog compared to thousands of others that exist. Alexa allows multiple comparisons and offers a number one position for each. The fault Ive made related to Alexa is just happened a delay to apply Alexa ranking widget to my blog LabStrike, but at present, Its increasing day by day, and its the one of my most inspiration to continue my blogging, also I seem a success in the Alexa ranking of my blog LabStrike.

2. Monitor your Competitor Traffic » Its not always possible to know the views of our competitors, but therere some indications to find this data. Alexa can give an overview and can even make comparisons. In this situation, though Alexa stands good, I prefer, the best site that displays traffic trends for competing websites. Also allows you to compare sites head to head and offers a paid search analytics tool whichs both remarkably helpful and inexpensively priced.

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Social media networking sites
3. Engagement in Social Networks » To know your social media influences of your competitors, slightly give a look to number of Twitter followers, Facebook fans & Google+ Circles. But, if your opponents use RSS feed, youll be not able to track their email subscribers.

So in this situation, I recommend join blogging communities such as,,,, etc. And create a form topic, for e.g.: How many RSS Feed Subscribers do you have? 

Moreover, articles and links receive RTs (Real-Time strategy), tanned and +1 you can look on the buttons integrated into the blog. I believe this helps as a method to measure how much the audience returns and replicates the work of your competitor.

4. Counting Blog Comments » Depending on the subject and niche Blog, the amount of comments can be a good sign of the influence of the author and dissemination in their target audience, including how to measure direct engagement of people. Guys, if youre newbie to blogging field, dont expect more comments after each updates. In my case, I wasnt getting even a single comment on my blog LabStrike when I start 9 months before. But I receive a decent volume of comments at present. So be patient and never ever give up. Also be always conscious to answer comments that you received on your blog.

5. Links indexed in Search Engines » In addition to the amount of items and the frequency with which the author publishes, its also good to note that blog is well indexed in Google, because its a sign of good traffic source. But being indexed in search engines like Google, Yahoo! & Bing etc. is not easy as possible. So youve to make your blog more SEO friendly. LabStrike always stands for newbies. So if youre not well aware of blogger SEO, dont miss the SEO topics provided below and make your blog more SEO optimized.

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6. Google PageRank » Even having already lost a bit of weight, PageRank is a “note” that Google gives links to your blog. Everyone starts with zero and the maximum is 10. This is an indicator of quality. Personally, I don’t believe in PageRank. Because blogs exist “without a custom domain” seem difficult to boost their PageRank even it contains good info. Probably it may help if youre seeking for Sponsored Ads I think. Also Matt Cutts, the head of Webspam at Google provides a detailed video explanation regarding Why Google PageRank isn’t Important.

7. Author Rank » Everyone knows whats Google PageRank, but not heard about Author Rank? Its the newest and most importantly is able to define the potential and relevance, importance, an author and subject to certain niche. Theres still much to discuss about this new metric, but Google is already working on it as a means of indexing. If you really wanna improve your Author Rank, just follow up quick tips provided below:

Improve Google Author Rank
  • Write quality content
  • Set up Google Authorship
  • Be actibe in Social Media
  • Pay attention to Google+
  • Create valuable contacts
  • Inspire your readers to share
  • Communicate with your readers
  • Specify in a niche
  • Find Guest Blogging opertunities
  • Help your blog visitors out

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By analyzing above points, its your time to tell us whether your blog is a success or failure via comment. I hope itll increase the possibilities for those who strongly wish their blog to be a Success.