Tips to Improve the User Experience on your Blog

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Tips to Improve the User Experience on your Blog
Just seem smart isnt enough to make your blog a success among netizens, it takes quite that to offer a good user experience. Its important to grab some precautions to keep your blog with an interesting usability, because therere some details that not only make life easier for users, also help to track it in the search engines. For those who wish to optimize your blog but dont be aware of where to begin, the people at Search Engine Watch separated some interesting tips.

Think Alike your Customers
» Think Alike your Customers: Search engines have the brilliant ability to form semantic relationships, allowing them to know the theme of your blog and its content to assist them on relevancy to the content searched. In simple means, I recommend use simple design and layout, because people come to your blog via organic traffic to get their article they searched on Google. So if your blog is neat and clean, they get an inspiration to bookmark/subscribe to your blog. Its not boasting but my experience and it becomes real when I see my email list and their feedback!

Not always a userll understand the abbreviations youre used internally as a reference for what you do or sell on blog, so try to develop in the minds of visitors and realize how they think. Imagine how your product or service (means, in which niche your blog goes to) can be wanted or understood by thinkable visitors. This works for both search engines and for visitors.

» The Nightmare of Navigation: Theres nothing more annoying than getting lost within a site. Therefore, visitors should know in the first few seconds, because the home page, everything your blog offers. If theres no breadcrumb navigation, the user is on an inside page of the site will never really know where it is. The same works for the search engines. Its very important to remember that people dont often – or search engines – go into a site for homepage. But its still in doubt that whether breadcrumb navigation affects your blogs SEO or not.

CSS Based Black & White Drop Down Menu
» Let Visitors Navigate Differently: If you wish users to see the most important information on your website, youve to add a easy navigation menu. If you concentrate your products or tutorials in an area called “Tutorials”, for example, directing a tab for this page should be in the main blog navigation. In my blog LabStrike, I use default blogger navigation and if youre not satisfied with this, can try CSS Based Black & White Drop Down Menu (under Blogger Widgets) to your blog, that seems professional.

custome 404 Error Page
» Create a Custome 404 Error Page: Even a well-run and organized blogs (,, Digital Inspiration etc...) have the custome 404 error page. However, its very annoying when trying to enter a site and that page appears, and this makes it a bad user experience, am I right? 

An interesting way of trying to improve this is to create a custom 404 error page, providing the user satisfaction in relation to that unexpected failure. A blank page is always the worst choice. Error pagesre entertaining a good solution. Remember when redirect your error page to home page or allow your visitors to inform you about search errors.

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