Why Every Blogger Should Use Email Marketing on your Blog

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Use Email Marketing on your Blog
There are many ways to monetize a blog but without doubt the email marketing is one of the most effective. Many internet marketing experts say the money is in the list, and the results prove this statement. Personally, I use email marketing to promote my blog LabStrike and its much effective. So along with your social media use, spend some time for email marketing. In my view, therere four key points for those who really wanna make money with email marketing. Theyre as follows:

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1. Number of Subscribers: Theoretically, the longer the list, the more money we can gain from it. In my case, Ive 4300+ email subscribers, and gets hits from 3800+. So you dont have to expect clicks from your entire email subscribers.

2. Targeting your Audience: The ideal is to build a list of people actually interested in the products we promote. Of course we can sell anything for a giant list of subscribers, but the conversion rate may be satisfactory only if they are interested in what we promote. Ive already mentioned this tip in my previous post that to convert your blog visitors into dedicated subscribers.

3. Build Healthy Relationship: Our list to enjoy to the fullest, we need to create a good relationship with subscribers. For this, besides the need to send offers valuable information at no charge. Bloggers who mess with How-to related niches should keep a healthy relation with your readers via comment and email.

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4. Permission: Receive email from someone who doesnt know its not pleasant. Therefore, well only have success with a campaign of email marketing where subscribers are sending our request messages. For that case youve to encourage individuals to sign up on your list by offering something of value in return.

Why should you Work with Email Marketing?

Currently, I strongly feel that each blogger ought to embrace email marketing strategy in your work, and I recommend some smart reasons for this to be done:

» Depend Google is RiskyMany pro bloggers like Amit Agarwal, Darren Rowse etc... earn profit only with the organic traffic they receive from Google depending how many visits they receive, simply include banners AdSense and other affiliate programs and can monetize well. However, Google is increasing demanding, and always updates its algorithm that many bloggers are fed up, losing a good portion of the traffic they receive. 

The natural consequence is the collapse of the blog revenue. Capturing emails is a guarantee of income. If youre working properly, you will arrive to the point of having a magic button that every time you press generates values much interesting.

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You can always trust me, this isnt blender! If you build a list of contacts focusing on four variables that seen already above financial returns far greater than direct advertising makes your blog. But also many pro bloggers recommend this!

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» High Conversion RateAs I mentioned in “Build Healthy Relationship”, email marketing allows a more personal relationship with subscribers, and this greatly increases the conversion rate. Call people by name and use various other convincing elements that can increase your sales. Of course you should always use it to promote quality products, otherwise your subscribers is never gonna trust you.

» Express your dedication to ReadersMany visitors coming to your blog will never return to it. Including a Form Capture you can capture the contacts of those visitors who never come back and get them to know their job better. The more loyal readers your blog has, the more success you may have.

Email Marketing – Best 2 Suggestion

To conclude, let me make two suggestions for those who dont work with email marketing. Hope this may help you grow your business via below methods. So follow if you can.  

Suggestion #1: Use auto-responder, which is the software that makes the automatic sending of emails. In this case I recommend to use E-goi (best Email Marketing Online software), which lets you create a free account for up to 500 subscribers. That way you can test the service and see if it really is worth it to you without any charge. Hey guys, do you know why I recommend this is the auto-responder software that I currently use.

Suggestion #2: And the second one is the ongoing Email Money Machine. As I said above, its very important to know how to work with your email list. Working with email marketing isnt just sending advertising messages to subscribers, but is much more than that! In this course youll be able to learn how to create a relationship with your email list, and can increase maximum profit from this strategy.

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