Best Ways to Get your AdSense Application Approved

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Google AdSense approval trick 2013
Those who handles Tech blogs like Digitial Inspiration, Mashable, TechCrunch etc... stand for money. But how they actually make money? And which is the best program to monetize your blog? Of course, itGoogle AdSense. But AdSense approval isnt so easy and begins using the ads and its not easy to make money with AdSense. Getting to be approved is complicated and youve to follow the AdSense TOS, so you dont have any complications, also after being approved.

Google AdSense
Google AdSense is the most used Affiliate Program in the world to monetize your blog and one in every of the most effective once worked well in traffic and blogs with smart quality content is more important. Some bloggers have some difficulties to get their AdSense account and its some rationalization. Your blog needs to accommodate the expectations and demands of the program to be ready to use it and make money from it frequently.

So, in this article, were providing some best tips for those who really would like to get (genuine AdSense approval) your application approved by AdSense team, some things supported on the AdSense Program Policies and others in my observation. If your follow or take this tips seriously, your blog will be blessed by Google AdSense (AdSense team). So the tips are given below:

   Tips to Get your Google AdSense Account Approved

1. Prohibited Content in AdSense » Its necessary that your content should be original for your audience and not ever copy content from other blogs related to your blogs niche. Usually blogsre downloaded falling precisely because of illegal content. Sites including AdSense ads may not include or be linked to:

  • Pornographic or adult content
  • Content that contains Violence
  • Content related to racial intolerance or support against any person, cluster or organization
  • Extremely irreverent language
  • Content related to hackers or crackers
  • Content related to gambling or casinos
  • Content related to illegal drugs and instruments for drug use
  • Sales of beer, hard alcohol or prescription drugs
  • Sale of tobacco or tobacco products
  • Sales of weapons or ammunition (e.g.: firearms, parts of firearms, stun guns, knives etc...)
  • Sale of duplications or simulations of branded products or other
  • Sale or distribution of articles or intellectual essays
  • Requesting users for clicking on ads, surfing websites, performing searches, reading emails etc...
  • Illegal content that promotes illegal activity or invades on the legal rights of others

Also your blog content has got to be facing the public and cant be a seeker-oriented blog, slight to produce traffic or unnatural that induces the visitor to error or mistake, means never use any auto/manual-surfing websites. And if youre looking for what’s adult content as per AdSense, able to read LabStrike itself.

2. Time of Blog Existence » In my blogging career Ive seen some bloggers (especially newbies) with blog contains petite content and nothing structured. It shouldve already got your blog a while there and is often up to date, increasing in statistics and well being indexed by Google.

Its always good to wait at least 6-months existence of your blog to request application in AdSense. Thisll ensure that youll improve your blog, will produce content and generate the essential traffic (30 page views per day). Its a fact that most bloggers fed up with their blogs before 3-months of life and few, rare arriving to do 1 year old and thoroughly maintained.

how to write quality content
3. Quality in Content and Layout » Its unnecessary, but the AdSense team needs a well developed to characterize which ads should become visible on your blog. AdSense ads are contextualized, means take into consideration where and how the ads appear, especially in relation to the blog post niche.

Your blogs layout should be neat & clean, easy to navigate and accessible to users without confusing them, leaving featured exclusive content and also the ads can be displayed without mixing with the rest of the page. A blogs layout (only if you’re using organized design – LabStrike’s using simple layout design) mainly brings more possibilities to improve user experience on your blog.

improve blog traffic seo
4. Try to Keep Consistent Traffic » Its to remember that your Blog traffic has to be 100% natural and youre not strictly prohibited to use any auto/manual-surf websites to generate false page views of its content or perhaps that display and open your page in the background, in frames (without new tab), pop-ups or pop-unders. Usually some bloggers have “partnerships” (AdSense Revenue Sharing Program) with other blogs that compel the opening of two or more windows/tabs of different blogs and its against AdSense TOS. AdSense says about Invalid Clicks & Impressions as below:

Publishers may not click their own ads or use artificial means that to extend the quantity of impressions and / or clicks, as well as manual methods”.

The main source of clicks for your ads that you can depend is organic traffic including traffic via social medias & from other blogging communities, and such kinds of traffic will be 100% natural, stable and high quality, that it may result in the display of ads.

5. Say Goodbye to SPAM » I request you to keep your blog out of SPAM, not only in newsletters (email marketing), along with social networks. Therell be only one page to collect emails or records of individuals and cant be related to anything like that. Guys, if youre newbie to LabStrike, Ive written why every blogger should use email marketing, the best post to realize the advantages of email marketing as a blogger.

6. Never Confuse your Visitor » Reverting to the point of the layout, the colors and designs of your navigation menus, sidebar and page elements (widgets or gadgets) cant be confused with the ads thatre displayed. Its not allowed to accumulate a layout or part of it to be alike to the format of text link ads and AdSense, leaving the visitor in hesitation than its actually content and advertising.

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AdSense Privacy and Policy page
7. Create a Privacy & Policy Page » Before applying the application to the AdSense team, youve to create a Privacy & Policy page in a static page for your blog. This privacy & policy describes the visitor is treated as personal info, the use of cookies and other tracking codes ads/advertisers. Again Im telling you never apply for AdSense before creating your Privacy & Policy page, if you do so, surely youll get your application rejected. If you wanna see a sample, slightly take a tour to the Privacy & Policy of LabStrike.

Please note: Guys, I strongly recommend to follow above tips before you submit your application for entry in AdSense, and they all have to be followed even after approval not ever pour out the chance of getting your account banned. Therere rules concerning the use of ads, once approved, to confirm your delay in AdSense. Image via VectorStock®

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Its extremely suggested that you may please read the “AdSense Program Policies” (before applying for AdSense) for better understanding directly on how the AdSense team evaluates and approves your application.