Personalize your Facebook Account with More Features Via Social Fixer

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Social fixer extension
Every new Facebook update causes headaches for many people. When not update its privacy policy with a clause that borders on the absurd, the largest social network in the world adds one or another feature that ends up displeasing to users. Moreover, some features lacking, like how the chat and your bugs remain. Good or bad, Facebook is already part of our life and for some its the only way to monitor what happens with your distant friends and families.

Today well discuss about an extension still little known, but which provides some quality options to improve both the standard Facebook interface and to add or remove certain features, also you can even change the page layout (were not able to speak of Malware that deluded many people some time ago).

Social Fixer, also known as Better Facebook is available for almost all browsers – but Im so sorry, because its not available for Internet Explorer. Social Fixer, which develops and updates the product, youll be able to download the extension for your desired browser. Any way, Im using Google Chrome, so Im gonna choose “Chrome” as an example, but the steps are the same for all other browsers. So be tension free!

social fixer
Select your browser to add the Social Fixer Extension. We recommend Google Chrome.

Clicking on the Google Chrome icon, youll be redirected to the Chrome Web Store, just by installing the extension. If youre still logged into Facebook, leave and enter username and password again. If everything goes perfectly, a window will appear to enter the settings, following the style of installing a Windows program.

In this window weve two options, but we recommend choosing the “Minimalist Installation” to configure everything later (for best results, its important to clear all options in this stage). Again, if everything goes perfect, appears with an icon in the shape of a wrench next to your profile picture on the bar at the top of the screen, as shown below:

social fixer facebook
Click on the Wrench icon to begin

Now you can see some drop down tabs with the most common options that users often choose the program. Click on “Settings icon” and select Social Fixer Options” to access the entire features.

Please note: For your easy understanding, I would like to explain each Social Fixer tab (not all tabs, but main ones) separately with image screenshots and explanations.

» Disable “Lightbox” known as instant viewer of images, this is the feature that darkens the rest of the page to enlarge the image when clicked.
» Hide the “Ticker located in the upper right corner of the default layout of Facebook, Ticker shows instantly update your contacts and pages signed with a speed impossible to follow. By removing it, but the homepage is clean and noticeably faster to load.
» Change Default Font: Its recommended for those who use monitors with higher resolutions. In this option, we can change the default font to a size thats more comfortable to read. The default font has 13px in size.

» Friend Tracker: This feature adds a field on the right bar of the home page and lets you know who deleted the contact list.
» Expand Automatically Bar Options Left: Automatically displays the sub-menus of messages, events, photos and so on, located just below the users name.

» Disable Autoplay of New Posts: This option allows you to freeze the new information update when were reading something thats at the bottom of the home page, making it ideal for those who bother with automatic updates before returning to the top of the page.
» Open Links in New Window: Youll be able to open a new page in another tab or window, without leaving the current Facebook page.

With the Timeline feature, the user need not view the timeline of Facebook feature that caused enough discomfort (and still causes) in many who simply dont like and dont know how to remove it. Its very important to remember that the choices you make dont see more of the other timeline, but its still visible to anyone who visits your Facebook profile. And I personally feel this feature more convenient to handle your profile.

Adds an “X” (Remove icon) in the upper right corner of each block on Facebook and thus closes the parts that you dont want to view, such as advertisements, for example. You dont have to worry if you accidentally close something is to just go back and restore the menu that you want.

Chat option allows the choice of viewing the way you want, as part of the right menu or dock, with pictures of friends or not, showing who is online and so on. You can even remove the Chat screen (even the user remains online for your friends list).

In Theme option, the user can choose different display styles of the homepage, so as “Desktop”, “Monochrome”, among others, including even futuristic styles like “Dark Shiny Blue”. Although few options, is finally good to know a way to escape from the standard Facebook interface and choose another thats more to your interest.

What’s More in Social Fixer?

Within the Social Fixer, you can see other options such as “Filtering”, “Advanced” and “Styles (CSS)”, whichre recommended for more advanced users and developers. We dont cover these options as I mentioned above before, since all the major changes can be made to previous menus, but they also bring various configurations useful for those who wish to explore more.

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All menus shown above include numerous other equally useful and functional options that the user can test, noting that its necessary to refresh the page for the changes to take effect, especially for topics.