How to Increase your Wi-Fi Signal Using a Beer Can

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Increase Wi-Fi Signal
If you have any problem with the signal strength of your router and cannt buy a new one right now, how about Turbine it using a tool that you probably use every day? And best of all itll cost very cheap, ought to therent be one round the house. Just keep in hands an empty Beer Can. However, you never gonna believe that this small Beer Can can increase your Wi-Fi signal. Also my sincere thanks goes to the staff of TechEBlog via this tip.

Before we get into this tip, you need to have one pair of scissor, one razor knife, one beer can & a cello tape (see the pic). Also you should be very aware of the Beer Can may easily be slipped from your hand, so be careful while using razor knife, because it increases the chance to get your thumb cut.

At first, empty the Beer Can and wash it with water perfectly and follow the steps below.
Step #1: Remove the ring or seal from the top of your Beer Can. See the pic
Step #2: With your razor knife, cut the bottom of the Beer Can just above the junction. see the pic
Step #3: Make a similar cut at the top, at the same junction, leaving a little hole near the metal tin (white dotted line, as shown in figure), so that this cap isnt completely detached from the rest of the can. See the pic
Step #4: With scissors, cut the opposite side of the can upright, as shown in red dotted line in the figure. See the pic
Step #5: With mass Blu Tack, masking tape or any other adhesive, attach the can antenna from your router, with the metal open like a “satellite dish”, directed to where you wanna send more signal. See the pic
Now youre done! If its difficult to understand, watch the video below to clarify your doubts and build your antenna amplifier with a single beer, juice or soda cans! And dont forget to tell us via comment if it worked!