Send Voice Messages Via Facebook Messenger App for iOS and Android

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Facebook Voice Messenger
Users of devices with Android and iOS will have access to a new Facebook Messenger App update, whichll allow use of own app to send voice messages to your friends. The service is available worldwide and lets you call with up to one minute long. The use of voice messaging service is quite simple. When you send a message through the mobile app Facebook Messenger, simply click the “+” sign to the button to record a voice message to appear.

According to information from the Company, users can receive desktop icons for playback of voice messages, but the social network has no plans to organize the new feature in version for desktops. Free calls via Voice over IP (VoIP) are also part of the update, but for now the feature is only available in Canada. Hope available in other countries too.

Facebook Voice Messenger AppRecord your Voice and Listen on the Web Instantly Via Facebook Messenger App

Testing of VoIP in Canada, you need a network 3G/4G or Wi-Fi to work, its still a kind of version beta service, which for now works only on iOS devices. Acoording to TechCrunch test, the new Facebook Voice Messenger App seems pretty decent in case of both interface and audio quality. Also youll be able to record your voice so quickly and can listen on the web instantly. The latest voice updation is coming in the app stores shortly.

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