Tips to Create a Good Visual Identity for your Content

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After an extended absence, Im back with a new tutorial for LS readers. So in this article, let me share some tips to make a good visual identity for your content. Many whore reading this article shouldnt have much knowledge on the topic Visual Identity. So I decided to create a series of visual identity and an article on usability and accessibility on a blog, now Ill talk about the appearance of the content, which is one of the most important factors when it comes to reading content.

Since the content to read, mustve a good appearance and is visible. Ive stopped reading many blogs because of their contents identity, serious problems that hamper significantly the time of reading. To attract the reader, weve three fundamentals: quality content, quality and appearance of regular attendance. To win the process, we need to offer content, thats whatll satisfy the reader or not. 

But to be quite valuable content, we also show that the content is so qualified, with a good identity. But you only get to make a reader to follow your blog every day if you post regularly, have a regular frequency. In todays article, well talk only about the appearance. So, join with me and realize the psychology of your readers.

Tips to Improve Visual Identity of your Content ¬

1. Divide your Content by Topic – Read paragraphs with full of disordered content is really horrible. So, one of the major tips to make all the differences are to order your blog content by topic. See this article, if you wanna see an example. We provide three paragraphs of the introduction to the topic of tips, so the reader will be able to monitor content in a better way; whats more, if the reader or visitor loses in the text, they know where they basically stopped, since the text is ordered whole.

2. Set a Pattern of Lines for Its ContentWeve vocalized a few lines that we need, now we need to establish a standardized line of lines, always make articles with a similar number of lines. Avoid contents in a paragraph that has 2 lines, another has 10; it certainly makes a big difference in reading.

High Quality Images
3. Use High Quality ImagesThe images are extremely important in the process of a good visual identity; logo is like a blog, because the blog is the image pixels across. In the case of the article, represents text. Images are interesting ways to pass the idea of the content and even get more attention. So search for pictures with nice colors and use high quality images for your blog post niche and tones thatre at least consistent with the information that youre passing via text. [via image]

4. Write Paragraphs with a Reasonable Number of LinesAnother misstep is to write paragraphs with 10 lines in an article, it greatly hinders the reading and makes the reader gets lost among numerous words and contours. The number of lines is very necessary once guided by content. At all times try to write 5 or 6 lines per paragraph.

Font Color
5. Choose a Visible Font ColorI dont wanna talk much about this topic, but I insist on trying to understand what makes a person put the blog as a source of light gray, a gray so interesting that I'm not able to read the article because the text is very clear and the source doesnt help. There Ill enter the blog, inspect the element and use the font black in color.

This is somewhat disappointing and few touch thats necessary to create tools that work across all devices, from monitors with high resolution, as low resolution. It displays that brighten the text, making the text is barely visible. Its important to think about it.

6. Not Many Negrite TermsAnother mistake is to make negrite terms per paragraph. Those people whos able to read at least two words per sentence certainly makes a little time to read the paragraph, even prefer not to follow. Conversely, make your blog contents as a river with bold definitely is harmful to the eyes causing distortion when were reading because we get lost in the words more easily.

Fonts and Colors
7. Don't Use Too Many Colors and FontsImagine reading an article red, green, blue, FireBrick, black and Coral, with 5 types of sources highlighted to italic, and other effects. Reading is extremely weakened, readers scarcely able to read your content and the result will be....“your page views are gonna decrease”. If you eager to seek more professional fonts, check out best 5 websites to download FREE FONTS for Windows and Mac.

8. Use a Great Source for ReadingUse few sources, but also use a good source. A very interesting tip I heeded Claudio Sanchez (American writer and musician) was talking about the font Times New Roman, that its a source that has curves that hinder reading and only serve to paper texts, newspapers, and any stuff. But on the Internet, its terribly harmful in reading and painful too. Its my personal experience.

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Along with this, I strongly recommend you to follow other blogs or websites in your niche. Also visit high earning blogs such as, etc to realize their visual identity and style. So what you think? If youve any tips to add with this post other than this, suggest them via comment and we would like to mention them in this post, thus always stay informed. Wishing you a happy blogging:)