How to Backup your Facebook Photo Albums in a Single Zip Archive

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Facebook Photo Albums
If you would like the photos you have on your Facebook albums and terrified of losing them, probably because they dont have a copy of them on your computer, check out this tip to make the backup of all of them on the social network. Certainly, not only yours, but also from a friend also be interested. The process is so simple. Through an online app called Facebook2zip, youll be able to save all the album photos you need making just four simple steps.

Update: Remember that, Facebook2Zip allows you to download your photo albums together with any of your friends’ photo albums with a couple of easy clicks.

Step #1: At first, visit the Facebook2zip and click “Login with Facebook”. Afterward select “Go to App” (see the image below), as we done in several social network apps learned the tutorial from LabStrike.

Step #2: Choose whether to perform the backup of your own photos, click upon your name or some specific friend’s name – enter the name of the person you want in the text box thereafter “One your friends:”. In consort with this, if you wanna save or backup of a specific friends album, just type the name of your friend whos in your friends list, not friend of friends and Facebook2Zip never bypass any privacy settings.

Step #3: After choosing the owner (i.e your name, I select my name, Sebin Jose) of the profile, all of the individual albums will appear on step #3 (Choose the albums). Just choose what you want, or just check “Select all the albums” check box in the lower left corner to save them all. Also you can choose more than one album (multiple albums) by holding Ctrl Key. See the image below

Step #4: Now youre done! The concluding step is to wait while images are downloaded. Soon youll be able to see a “Download” button for you to select and choose where to save the zip archive  Also you can “Abort” if you wanna select other albums you already missed to choose. The downloaded albums will be in a zip archive file. So extract it before you save the downloaded albums.

If youre facing any problem while configuring with Facebook2zip app, lets know your drawback and were glad to be helping you, only if you mention them via comment or our Contact form.

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