How to Charge your iPhone with Fire – Video Tutorial

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Charge iPhone with Fire
Presently, we cant expend too much time far from our smartphones, not to mention not knowing what happens in the web. But if youve been through terrible moments without battery and no power point for charging your iPhone, have definitely found herself thinking how could recharge it? We thank to Kipkay released a video showing the way to create a device to charge your iPhone with Fire. The device presenting the video creates a kind of high-tech fire to charge your iPhone.

The staff of Kipkay used an aluminum can (you can effortlessly find in markets) and cut out a square on its side to disperse the heat from the fire. Moreover, the class provided a wire connector own iPhone and a thermo-electric generator that transforms temperature variations into electrical energy.

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After finishing the cutouts in the can, the video below shows that the user should connect the thermo-electric generator to the iPhone connector. For this reason, those interested in creating the charging system ought to cut the cable connector on the end of the USB and stripping a small piece of wire, the black & red wires will connect directly to the generator output. Afterward the user should tie the generator to the side of the can to get the heat of the fire, and connect your iPhone.

The system can be very useful for people who often spend a lot of time in outdoors or camping, whats more, it may also be used as a stove, or while you charging your iPhone, also you can additionally cook something.

Charging iPhone Using Fire – Video Tutorial