Apple to Release iPhone 5S with 128GB Storage and 6-8 Colors

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Apple iPhone 5S release
Rumors about the existence of an iPhone 5S have become stronger once reports of a Chinese newspaper and a supposed exposure of the device. Ensuring your smartphone is in production, Peter Misek, analyst at Jefferies & Co., published the results of his analysis on the product of Apple. According to him, the unit should have camera and screen in “Super HD” (with sharp IGZO technology), direct integration with NFC technology, up to 128GB of storage capacity.

Apple also offers an extended battery life and up to eight options colors, in contrast to the current standard in black or white. The launch would be within the middle of 2013, between May and July.

Other Rumors about Apple iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S images
Mizek went even further; he aforesaid therere plans to launch an iPhone with low cost, in the range of $200, however the project hasnt got off the bottom. Already the iPhone 6 would be in fully swing, with prototypes “hanging around”, together with a 4.8-inch screen, quad-core A7, gesture control and without the “Home” button.

The much awaited televisions would last, to be launched from Sep 2013In short, this new concept of iPhone 5S anticipates rather on the design of which can one day replace either the design of the iPhone 6. An outstanding design with anodized aluminium housing with rounded slices and selection of colors, much better than you think! 

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