Quick Review on the Features of YouTube Sleek New Design

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youtube new design
YouTube has updated new interface with more features on channels and also for user subscriptions. With the new update, the feature of the Cross-site Guide (whichs introduced last year) will be available for all devices with an application of video service installed. The Guide appears on the homepage of YouTube and shows the left side of the screen a list of the channels of your choice, and the center of the page shows the video recently published by each channel youre subscribed.

The new interface brings a column guide with suggested channels and tools that enable the management of their signatures on multiple devices.

"You tend to use YouTube already learned the good secret to form it better: notice the channels you wish and sign and sign and sign. Last year, we have a tendency to began to build it even easier to subscribe to the channels of your selection with the introduction of the guide on the homepage," the Company aforesaid in its official blog.

YouTube Sleek New Design

The new look also makes it more YouTube like with other Google services and put the video player at the center of the page, gaining more prominence. In the upper left corner of the screen, youll be able to find a menu that brings new options to track recently viewed videos, previews and schedule playlists.

The company plans to further encourage enrollment in new channels, with an estimated 30% increase in the number of subscriptions to the new interface. All YouTube users can now check the news service and enjoy its new interface. Along with this, get ready to achieve more subscribers!

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