YouTube Unveils New App for Capturing and Sharing Videos Instantly

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Youtube Capture
YouTube has unveiled a new app for iPhone and iPod touch to capture and share videos, YouTube Capture. The app makes the experience of recording videos everyday and share your videos on social networking sites. Capture brings quick editing features like fast recording, filters, color correction, stabilization, image trimming, and even music tracks. Furthermore, it allows users to share videos on your favorite social networking sites like Google+, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Once opening YouTube Capture, users can record new videos or use existing images from your file, apply some filters automatic color correction, edit video, and even apply music tracks. App starts uploading the video automatically, so youre ready to shoot,” says the Company.

YouTube Capture App

Usersre also able to tag videos with their location, however whichll be turned off for an entire account or on a per video basis. On the draw back, its just like the Capture app is restricted to 720p uploads, in all probability in an attempt to extend upload speed.

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YouTube Capture is available for both Apple iPhone and iPod touch and you can get the free app on the iTunes App Store. Also recommend you check out the video demo of the new app provided by YouTube channel below: