Will.i.am Announces 14 Megapixel Camera Add-on for iPhone

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i.am+ 14 Megapixel Add-on for iPhone
Musician of the Black Eyed Peas, Will.i.am, announced that the gadgets will launch its line of accessories for the iPhone, i.am+. This is a set of peripherals, under the brand foto.sosho to simultaneously give a new look to your smartphone, and fall, injecting a nice boost in integrated camera of the device. The peripherals were announced recently at an exclusive event in London – with the right to participation of singer Britney Spears

With face of “Old Camera”, the gadget has models ranging from $300 and $500. Moreover, there is an integrated keyboard, which Will.i.am considered it practical in terms of sharing images on networks outside.

i.am+ Integrated keyboard

The “turbo for the iPhone camera” was developed last year – the cost of which has been compared to “Two Shows of DJs.” All modelsve interchangeable lenses and flash included – besides photo editor, filters and sharing tools. Versions for iPhone 4 released on December 6th. The model for the iPhone 5, whichll replace the full smartphone camera with a new sensor and a new flash – should appear on the shelves on next year (may be sometimes).

14 Megapixels, Instagram and Various Lenses are Available

i.am+ 14 megapixels camera
In an interview with The Telegraph, Will.i.am said the foto.sosho is capable of raising the iPhone camera from 8 to 14 megapixels. According to the creator, the change can change “dramatically” clarity and definition of the photos taken with your smartphone. We have our own sensor and an improved flash, said by Will.i.amYou simply will accommodate your peripheral cell in order to transform it into a genius-phone. 

The foto.sosho also brings many embedded software for image processing, such as Instragram, plus accessories that add lenses to the iPhone. So whats the advantage? The new device fits on your iPhone, so you only need to carry one device. 

A total of four devices should include lenses – standard, fisheye, wide angle and zoom. The i.am+ models for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 may seem contemporary or vintage (old), with names thatre entitled: C.4, V.4, & V.5 C.5.

New Social Experience and More Inspiration

According to Will.i.am, an application to be made available via Apple iTunes is capable of transforming the hardware foto.sosho in new social photographic experience. The apparatus should also facilitate storage of images by means of a particular account i.am.

i.am+ New Social Experience

Whats more, further applications and accessories embody controls to change between styles of photos, filters and real-time control of the flash. Theres additionally a picture editor itself andve a tool for adding captions. 

During the launch in London, said, he expected will.i.am, even be an inspiration to alternative investors. thats as a result of, instead of merely talking concerning it, the musician was directly concerned in developing the equipment.

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