Top 10 Most Searched Keywords on Google in 2012

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Most Searched Keywords on Google in 2012
You know, Billions searches conducted on Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other social medias by people from all around the world. The staff at Mashable decided to do a Global Survey to find out whatre the most used search terms on Google this year. Can you imagine some of them? You can write more topics related to this keyword to boost your website traffic. Check out the list of the top 10 most searched Keywords in 2012 in the giant!

So, Were starting from #10 to #1, and if youre ready to work with these keywords, I strongly believe that youll be able to see a huge variation in your website traffic. And I personally thank to the staff at

Top 10 Searched Keywords on Google in 2012

#10: GamesIt seems that the group really likes gambling. And it seems that the game site FRIV.COM Games was the champion in results, proving that the year is conducive to good games. Also I suggest FRIV.COM Games for those who likes to play online games.

#9: Mail – Yes, “mail”, not “email”. The Search Engine Google seems to be an excellent way to find boxes of entries of people  at least thats what the statistics says.

#8: Yahoo!Use Google to search for the term “Yahoo” seems normal to you? Apparently, the departure of Marissa, Mayer of Google and Yahoo! to arrival moved up the search engine competitor. Thats the only reasonable explanation that should have led Yahoo to use the term so often to find news on Google.

#7: YouWhat would drive a person to insert the word “You” in the Google search bar? What they want to find? Well, Staff at Mashable decided to take the test. And the early results have everything to do with You ... Tube –would be even, simply, too lazy to write?

#6: HotmailNeither Gmail or Yahoo! Mail. Its was the provider emails most searched on Google in 2012. Without further.

#5: DownloadThe same people enjoy downloading music, videos, programs, games, wallpapers, movies and many other types of files. The search term “download” makes perfect sense.

#4: FreeReally, I can understand why the word “Free” was used as search terms in Google this year. After all, the internet is an excellent environment to offer free digital content, right?

#3: GoogleWho would type “Google” into Google? Who? The numbers prove that many people did – and continues to do – it. Its no coincidence that it was the 3rd most word typed in Search Engine this year.

#2: YouTubeThen yes! This was a successful year for the famous and beloved YouTube worldwide. And all this thanks to viral memes, advertisements, presence services in the mobile and diverse content. But, even though they havent appeared in the Top 10, searches for “YouTube mp3” and Tubidy”, Mobile Video Search Engine for mobile platform, also grew in 2012.

#1: FacebookThe very first word in the list reflects the great success of social network Mark Zuckerberg! The term “Facebook” is the winner of the Top 10 Google this year. And the volume of searches increased after Zuckerberg announced in October that Facebook reached 1 billion monthly active users.

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