Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions to Make your Browsing More Advanced

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top 10 chrome extensions
How about further explore the potential of your Google browser and use it for other purposes instead of just visiting sites? To satisfy both beginners and advanced users, weve a tendency to maintained only effective and sensible solutions that may facilitate the daily work andll save you time and clicks. Here I wanna share top 10 Google Chrome Extensions to make your internet browsing more advanced, only if youre a Chrome user – simply better na?

Before we begin, Please listen me for one second that I personally suggest you to use Google Chrome, because its free and much faster than Mozilla Firefox and even doesnt affect your PC loading time. And I used Snagit to screen-cast before and now Im using Screen Capture (by Google) Chrome Extensions instead of Snagit, makes me switch from Firefox to Chrome.

1. AdBlock PlusIf theres one thing that annoys many people is such propaganda on the internet. If you fit this group of people, AdBlock Plusll be extremely useful in your Chrome. Its one of the most popular extensions for the browser, and youll discover the reason for his success so install it. Advertisements and announcements instantly disappear, which makes navigation much more, easier.

2. Speed Dial 2One of the best extensions for those who want substitute page of Google Chrome tabs. You can customize everything in their method, and while not complications. And youll synchronize extension with all instances of Chrome in no time. The only draw back is that the choice Other Devices doesnt exist during this plug-in. But, due to so many complaints, its possible that the development teamll enable this feature soon.

3. SwiftPreviewThe SwiftPreview is a really a cool plugin, but that doesnt work so well on all sites, but still, its a good option. Briefly, its function is to preview links to various sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. Its useful for those who wanna save time by viewing a thumbnail of whats on the site now.

4. Hover ZoomThe Hover Zoom is similar to SwiftPreview, but its great for pictures. With this extension, you simply hover your mouse over a thumbnail image to see its full size, without having to click on it. Works with most sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. It seems useless until you install and blemish the Hover Zoom.

5. HTTPS EverywhereHTTPS Everywhere is a long and well. With this, you encrypt your connection to the internet to thousands of sites while you surf. And its essential to safely navigate sites from unsafe places, such as hotels, hotspots and aerodromes we see out there. Its a good tool to use at home, it prevents identity theft and protects your online privacy.

6. PrivacyFix by PrivacychoicePeople who likes to know whos monitoring your online activitiesll like PrivacyFix. After all, privacy is straightforward to navigate all of us, and if you dont give up their, look what makes this plug-in: it provides reports of Facebook, Google and other sites youve been visiting and tells you whats being tracked and whats not. Highly recommended for those who also wanna better understand how about your privacy on the web.

7. Drag & Drop SearchThis plug-in enhances a really cool feature of Chrome. By default, if you select some text in Chrome and right click on the selected area, youll be able to see an option to perform a search on that text. And the Drag and Drop Search increases the possibilities of this feature because it allows you to drag and drop text within areas of search, and each can be customizable.

8. KeyRocket for GmailWho likes to use keyboard shortcuts but rarely remember the combinations for each site, will get along with KeyRocket for Gmail. The extension recommends shortcuts for you while browsing in Gmail. Imagine that youll enter an email as soon as you click Submit. The KeyRocketll notify you with a tip, saying that you couldve pressed a command on the keyboard to accomplish the task.

9. Google Dictionary (by Google)If you enjoy reading articles in English or are just exercising their knowledge in this language, nothing like a snapshot Googles own dictionary to help reading web texts more smoothly. Google Dictionary also provides explanations in English and entries on terms, but also works in other languages such as Spanish and Portuguese. So if youre reading a text and the worms time to take a complicated word, simply select it and understand its meaning in an instant!

10. Unbaby.meI feel this name quite funny, but it makes perfect sense: if you hate seeing pictures of babies on Facebook, this plug-in replaces them with other images so you dont feel so bad. You can let the images choice (usually cats or other random stuff) or choose images from an RSS feed of your choice. You can also add keywords to identify the extent to which the internet and replace related images immediately. It seems complicated, but it can be really nice for those who can no longer stand seeing pictures of babies in the Facebook news feed.

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Do you wanna suggest some other nifty plug-in to further increase productivity in Google Chrome? and tell us whats your favorite Chrome Extension. Leave your suggestion via comments!