How to Save your Web Content Directly to Google Drive

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save to google drive extension
This official extension for Chrome offers new ways for you to save images, links, audio and video to your Google Drive, being able to download files in their original format or convert them to the format of Google. Once the extent Save to Google Drive is installed, you can click the icon to save the picture of a page, or a visible part of it, the HTML or MHT web archive extension. You can also right click on images or links to save them directly to the Google Drive.

Please note: Before installing the Save to Google Drive you can create a restore point in Windows, so if you dont like the program or if it doesnt work properly, you can simply restore the system to a point before you installed the program.

save image directly to google drive

When you save a content with this extension first, you must allow the application to access your Google account. Subsequent times, simply follow the upload process, followed by the possibilities of opening the file on the drive, rename the content or watch it on your list, from which you can share the item with others.

The options also allow you to customize the length of the recorded HTML pages. Its also possible between the options, set the account linked to Google, Save to Google Drive and check the option to convert the format of content. Simply better ya?

 My Personal Opinion about Save to Google Drive Extension
Being a supplement official Google, Save to Google Drive is a tool with more features (such as preview files). Furthermore, compatibility with the cloud storage service is more fluid. Being a supplement official also ensures that the extent Save to Google Drivell undergo updates frequently. So, whos adept in the use of Google Cloud Storage, this can be a practical and useful extension.

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Also when I used this extension I feel more features than other similar extensions and also have the Compatibility with Google Drive. But only con I noticed was the preview might display errors sometimes.