How to Prevent Oversharing and Protect your Online Identity

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Prevent Oversharing
The year-end holidays always refer to the memory of happy moments of our childhood. The anxiety of waiting for Santa Claus, for an example, was palpable. But always caused discomfort to know that the good old man had a list of all the good and bad things I had done and continued to spy on me. So, I always thought it strange the idea arrives while we sleep. At least I know the reason that led Santa to interfere my routine.

The same cant be said about the internet, we dont know who might be spying on us. In many cases, they also know the moment were sleeping, because just telling ourselves.

Secure Online Data

We reveal much more than that, with words, pictures and video. We talk about where we live, who we are and who our friends are. So often provide more information than we would like. However, the information we provide to a legion of unknown is combined with search engines and other tools that reveal data that may be we dont have the idea of whats available in the internet, the places where we connect, or where we bought our income.

This doesnt mean that any kind of data collection is bad. Therere situations where your information is used by companies focused on providing good experiences. But anyway, you should stand on this matter.

So as to prevent excessive sharing of personal information, I suggest my tips, from the word “Share”, to help you control what Santa Claus and other peoplell know about you.

1. S of Sobriety: The word sobriety is not linked solely to the use of alcohol in moderation. Its a state of mind. If youre nervous, excited, tired or not in his best days, slightly avoid social media posts

2. H for Hold on (hold on): Before you post anything, ask yourself if its safe to let everyone know about it. Even if you have few contacts in the network or use a restricted group to post, inappropriate content can always end up falling into the wrong hands. 

3. The Authorize to: Configure privacy options in social media you use and check from time to time if therere no changes (some sites change the privacy settings periodically). This measure coupled with the careful what and how to share informationll help you to have more control over their online footprints. 

4. U.S. to Review: Sometimes what seemed harmless at a time can resurface and cause problems later. Its therefore important that you review previous updates. On Facebook you can check everything already posted on your profile and in your friends, allowing the removal of contents, if necessary. 

5. Conclusive for Education: The best way to protect yourself is knowing what happens in the world of online safety. Learn about privacy control, their settings and how to behave on the network is important for managing data exposed to others.

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So, we would like to hear from you whats your suggestion about sharing your content and other things via social medias, mention them via comment and were proud to update our post with your suggestions. Also I personally would like to thank Tony Anscombe, the ambassador of free products from AVG Technologies.