Microsoft to Do Surface Pro with Half Surface RT Battery Life

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surface pro
Microsoftll put on the market the Pro version of its Surface tablets soon. Unlike Surface RT, the new devicell feature Windows 8 in this complete edition without the cuts of functions that happen with RT. Its worth mentioning that the version thats already on the market with ARM Processor and X86 Chipll have new, which ensures, it functions in a manner more similar to ordinary PCs. Surface Proll have better performance, butll be less autonomous than the most basic version.

But one question that everyone has is in relation to the new battery unit. Since Surface Pro has many more functions than the Surface RT, will this endure less time on? Apparently the answer is yes, at least according to whats revealed by official profile @Surface.

A user asked if theres any prediction as would be the battery life of the Pro and Microsoft Surface, the official profile, the Redmond Company revealed that itll have about half the performance of RT Surface. With that, go down the drain expectations of those who expected the tablet to emerge with a battery day-long (that lasts all day).

Microsoft Surface Pro

The surface Pro comes with an latest Intel Ivy Bridge i5 processor, essentially for UltraBook class chipset. In concert with this, its 10.6 inch Full HD (1920x1080P), USB 3.0 port, a mini-display port thats able to support 2560×1440 pixels resolutions and capacitive digitizer (with Palm block technology) make Surface Pro more brilliant as well as professional. Also its thinner than 14mm andve below one kg.

Update: Microsoft Surface Pro to start at $899 (49,184 INR) for 64GB model, $999 (54,645 INR) for 128GB model. Additionally, Microsoft says that itll begin sales of the product in January.

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