Microsoft Unveils New Social Network “Socl” for Web Users

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Microsoft has launched the registration of their new social network Socl, which was previously considered by the company as experimental and was developed as part of the laboratory FUSE Labs. Since the start of testing in the project could join by invitation only, and it was also launched for students of some universities. Also youll be able to create an account either with your Microsoft or Facebook accounts. Both are acceptable.

Compared to other social networking sites, the functionality of Socl is much different from them. The entire project is tied to Bing and offers users to search and share information from the search engine itself. In this case, the service also offers the ability to view video together and discuss it in real time.

Microsoft Socl

Social project is that usersll be able to add other members with similar interests, or just watch for updates in one of the categories presented. On condition that Microsoft doesnt disclose their future plans for Socl, but it seems that the project is beginning to move from the category of “experimental” and the companyll almost immediately have to explain their position against him.

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