Top iTunes 11 keyboard Shortcuts for Both Mac and Windows

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The newest version of Apples music player, iTunes 11, brought several innovations. Besides interface changes and comes with new features, the program also supports a number of keyboard shortcuts that facilitate its use and make it much more practical. Today let me share my knowledge about How to control your iTunes 11 by simple keyboard shortcuts, for both Mac and Windows. The only difference is use cmd key (command) for Mac and ALT key for Windows. Thats all!

If youre one of those who prefer to use the keyboard shortcuts instead of using the mouse to click on icons and options on the screen, see a list of simple commands that allow you to navigate through the entire program without even touching the mouse. Check out the list of shortcuts for Mac:

iTunes 11 Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

iTunes 11 keyboard shortcuts
  • cmd + 1: Displays the Music section
  • cmd + 2: Displays the section Movies
  • cmd + 3: Shows the section of TV Programs
  • cmd + 4: Shows the section of Podcasts
  • cmd + 5: Displays the iTunes U section
  • cmd + 6: Shows the section of Books
  • cmd + 7: Shows the section of Apps

iTunes 11 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

If youre using Windows OS, slightly press the ALT key instead of cmd. The shortcuts are the same. In addition to these commands, you should already know that othersre customary from the earliest versions of iTunes, such as pressing the spacebar to play or pause a song, use the arrows to the right and left to jump to the next or previous song.

Please note that when you press the Control key (Ctrl), an icon with “+” sign appears in place of the icon with signal Play the music that is playing. Pressing Ctrl + Enter on the music, you select to list Next Up, means, itll be the next to be played on your playlist.

Select the songs with the mouse or use the arrow keys (up and down) to select the music faster. Then just choose the next by pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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