Google+ Apps Updated with New Features for Mobile Users

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google+ apps for android and ios
Google+ decided to give mobile users who uses the Google+ on Android or iOS will come across some new features this season. The profile editing may become easier and noticesll show the user when therere unread notifications. You can also opt for mobile notifications from their favorite circles. Along with this, tablets and smartphones will support the new Google+ Communities. However, all these updates from the search giant make millions of users according to the statistical survey.

Through a post on the official blog of the Google+, also announced that the services related to the photos on the social network have also been improved. On Android, you can backup your pictures in high quality (up to 5 GB free), plus the option of standard size image (unlimited free storage in 1048 PX). Since the iOS would be easier to change the photos just by sliding your finger on the screen.

Google+ Play Store

New featuresll also make life easier for those who want to create and edit events through the mobile version of Google+. You can also send messages to specific guests and see which ones have opened the invitation that you sent. Google also said its working to create a better streaming experience on Hangouts On Air.

Android users (from version 3.3) will be able to install the app via Google Play, and iOS users (from version 4.0) will find the latest news on the App Store.

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