Publish Simple HTML Websites Programmatically by Google Drive

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Google Drive
Besides slides, text documents, spreadsheets and files in general, the Google Drive now allows you to store and post entire websites in the cloud – a big deal for those who wants to save the hosting fees. In short, you need to create a new folder on the drive and post your documents in HTML and derivatives, and change them for sharing and viewing become public. But everything isnt so simple, since its necessary to create links between pages through webView Link codes.

Theres also support for JavaScript applications and shared files in other folders of Google Services. The development blog of the Google Apps has a complete tutorial from Eric Gilmore, technical writer of the Google Drive SDK, for those who want to put a page in the air from the Google Drive.

Publish html websites by Google Drive

Publishing process is not so easy, but still has potential and should improve more.

To give you an idea of how a simple page is from the configuration of the service, youll be able see a sample HTML page created by Eric Gilmore and may pay a visit to the official Google Apps Developer Blog for a better understanding. So enjoy more with Google Drive HTML website hosting. My sincere thanks to @Eric Gilmore.

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