Foldify App Helps you Create and Print 3D Paper Figures on iPad

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Foldify is an app that helps users create 3D paper figures – dolls made of paper mountable. Developed by Pixle, Polish company of mobile software design, the app brings several molds in 3D that promise to please many owners of iPad and art fans. After selecting the desired format, the userill have access to the desktop that has the tools to create the puppet from scratch. With the Foldify app, you can paint the figures and still use a series of elements to complement, as different types of eyes, muzzles and mouths, for an example.

What we really wanted to do is create an app that would be enjoyed by anyone with just a little bit of creativity,” says Zablocki. “Even if you can’t draw anything, you can use shapes that we added to the app, and there are tons of them to make each figure unique and fun.” Via

Another interesting feature is, a screen with the design that displays the 3D model, so that the user can rotate and view, in real time, as is getting the doll. After all done, the paper figurell be exposed in a gallery. However, you can print the artwork via air print or send the drawing in pdf format for your email. That done, just cut and paste the dotted the indicated places to give life to your little figure.

foldify app for ipad

Despite the announcement, has not been disclosed how much itill cost and if other devices will support this app or not. However, even if the user installs the software on the iPhone and iPod Touch, the experience may not be as complete due to the screen size. On the official website of the tool, theres a field to register the company send a notification about the arrival of the product on December 13 (by official Foldify Facebook page) and you can download it from the App Store.

Along with this, youll be able to check out the video demo of the Foldify app and realize how greatly this app helps you create a 3D paper figure on your iPad so easily.

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