Facebook Testing Service to Let you Message Strangers for $1

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Facebook testing service
People, Oh I mean Strangers who insists you send private messages wanting to be your friend on Facebook, but you never saw in your life? Facebook is testing a new service thatll charge for messages exchanged between strangers; I mean if its not your friend on Facebook, youll have to pay to send a message. According to The Verge, technology news blog, Facebook was testing the tool with a select group of users to see if the charging procedure is approved. 

Currently, some messages from people with whom youve mutual friendsre sent to another folder within the profile, entitled Other, which many people dont even know of the existence. With the new tool, for a fee of $1 or $2, who knows you cant send a message to your inbox?

It also has a possibility to relax, because Facebook ensures that the private messaging between friends and friends of friendsll continue to work for free, as we know it today. Numerous observers and researchersve noted that the burden of a fee to the sender is the foremost effective way of avoiding unwanted messages and facilitate the delivery of messages that’re relevant and helpful,” said Facebook in its official Newsroom.

Facebook updates messaging and a test

Experts believe that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook is considering the tool with a new form of monetization and a way to reduce spammmmmmmmm. The announcement of the test doesnt come at a good time for Facebook, as it faces loads of criticism about the new rules and Instagram’s terms of service, obtained by the Company earlier this year.

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