Facebook Introduces Better Controls for Managing your Content

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Facebook new manage content system
Facebook introduced new tools and icons of Privacy Control in their social network, in a move to make the whole process easy and simple for users. Among the new features is a button to access the Privacy Settings in the upper right of the screen, next to settings. The new tools, released just a day after the company set new privacy policies, wont alter the resources that already exist, but will make them more easily understood and accessed.

The only change thatll be done is the removal of the blocking Search feature of your profile within the social network which provides more privacy and security for your Facebook account.

"Everybody used to have access to the tool Who can look at my profile name, which controlled who could get their profile from the search bar in Facebook. Tool was very limited in scope, and did not prevent people find other by other means within the social network," the company authored on Facebook’s official blog.

The button “Privacy Control”, represented by the icon of a padlockll appear next to the button “Settings” and display questions like Who can see my stuff?, Who can contact me? and How do I stop someone from bothering me?. Actually, all these questionsre new shortcuts to existing features.

When the user downloads or has access to an application on Facebook, the social network has a page where he/she can set up the appll post to your Timeline or grant public access to this information. Now, the social networkll open a separate window with this question, means, users continue to have access to the same resources, but in a somewhat different form.

facebook new settings
Permission to access Who can look up my timeline by name? setting

In addition, the page Activity Log, which shows everything you do on the social network, also received some changes and now allows users to remove more than one tag photos and posts at the same time, and notify your friend and request removal of a particular image considered inappropriate.

Facebook has announced that the updatesll be available to all users by the end of December.

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