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I personally feel Twitter like the Internet, after all it can be quite useful to keep informed. But remember that the micro-blogging social network also has the potential to be extremely annoying. Am I right? Ive altered them a trifle thus nobody gets pained if they see their tweet here. Therefore, here we propose some suggestions on what not to do in its 140 characters to your Twitter followers and be more effective on Twitter.

Before we go down into the tips, I thank Raphael Hunold, Community Manager of clubic.com via this tips. Also would like to provide his tweet based on “annoying Twitter followers” for you below:

Top Tips to Annoy your Twitter Followers

annoy twitter followers
1. Retweet People Whore Praising you – Stay away or give up your ego aside, after all is not very cool to be relaying messages from people complimenting you. Also shouldve enough faith to believe that people whore following youre already on your side and dont need to be conquered.

2. Use Many Abbreviations – Youll be able to type in 140 characters to convey the message you want, but dont need to write in a language completely incomprehensible that only uses consonants. Thiss quite annoying. [via image]

3. Twittering All the Time – I agree that, its quite relative, but always try to think whats gonna write every three minutes, or a check in every corner you pass, its really necessary. Lets be honest, most people have the famous iPhone. They may be well hidden there inside you, but it exists! So, use your common sense and get to know when youre overdoing it. Or do you want your posts become spam to your followers? Remember, less often, is more.

4. Use and Abuse of False Humility – Who feels cool to be reading posts from people who quite consciously, brag about something and then, to balance, make a comment with false humility? Oh, I won the Championship. But I’m not as good a champion as well, right.... An interesting way to earn unfollowers.

5. Exposing People to Open Messages – This goes for all social networks, but not worth remembering, isnt it? Staying discussing private matters to all your followers seem not be cool, after all theyve nothing to do with it. Also dont forget to use the private messages or put your @username into something thats directed at a specific person. For an e.g, slightly visit @google.

6. Use Hashtag without Moderation – The hashtags (#) are a very interesting tool to filter issues and find information, but it shouldnt be used in front of all the words you write in your tweets. Besides # # of # # annoy your followers # # # # also you do that with # # # # Tool # miss this # your # # # and sense functionality.

7. Begging to be Followed – No need to explain this very item, right? Its quite annoying to wanna force people to follow you, after all we use the network to track issues and people that really interest us and are relevant.

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