Popularity/Demand for Windows 8 is Still Lower Than Expected

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Windows 8 popularity
The Microsoft has sold more than 40 million licenses of the new operating system Windows 8, but the volume of involvement is still outlying below whats expected for the first month – the commercial launch took place on October 26. And whats more troubling is the low demand for new handsets, as large volumes of sales so far were only to upgrade the system. According to initial expectations, the planned Microsoft has already sold about 4 million tablets Surface RT.
Windows 8 Surface Tablet
Anyway in reality this figure is still slightly above 2 million (only 50% of the target set). According to SlashGear, the villain is the price of the tablet, which cant compete with the iPad while not showing a smashing option, monetarily speaking.

Another problem is the business partner of Microsoft, which hasn't yet managed to fit good sales. The ASUS said that demand for Windows 8 is not so fine right at the moment. But the Taiwanese company distinguishes that thiss another reason for the high price of computers. 

The reason is because the price of components/elements has risen enough this year. For 2013, its expected that the resumption control of automakers reheat the market.

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