How to Use Google Chrome as a Screen Capture Tool

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Capturing the image of the computer screens quite simple and can be performed with just one click on the button Prt Scr SysRq on your keyboard. However, the same procedure isnt suitable to make screenshot of an entire web page. So today, were gonna learn how to capture the image of an entire web page with more perfection using Screen Capture (by Google) extension. Its simple yet more brilliant as Snagit Screen Capture Tool.

How to Capture an Entire Web Page Screenshot using Google Screen Capture? 

Step #1: Install the Google Chrome extension Screen Capture (by Google) from Chrome Web Store. On the extension in the Chrome Web Store, click the + ADD TO CHROME and confirm installation of the extension by clicking Add in the popup window that appears on the screen. See the image provided below if you still in doubt.

Screen Capture (by Google)

Just after this process, youll be able to see a popup screen shows the message Screen Capture (by Google) has been added to Chrome at top right side, means the extension is ready to use.

Step: #2: Go to the page you want to make a screenshot and click the extension icon that was added to Google Chrome. Then choose Capture Whole Page to capture the entire web page or just use the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + H; (you know, Im a huge fan of Apple products. So Im gonna try this extension in

Capture Whole Page by google screen capture

Step #3: After clicking on the Capture Whole Page will open a new tab in your browser containing the page screenshot ever captured and a small menu that allows you to save or share the screenshot and display other editing options such as highlight, text, lines, square etc. Now slightly click Save button if you are satisfied with your result.

screen capture by google save
Remember, if you wanna share your screenshot via Picasa Web, Facebook, Sina Microblog & Imgur will be able to do by clicking Share button before saving your image. Also dont forget to give a name to your screenshot even its a decent name by default.

So I Just used TinyPic, free image hosting service to host my screenshot. Just click here to go to the screenshot Ive captured with this extension and click on the image to see it in a normal view whether youre a Chrome or Firefox user.

Update: By default, screenshots are saved in .PNG format. If you want to save your screenshot format .JPEG (Screenshot Quality Settings), simply click on the extension icon in the toolbar of Google Chrome and choose “Options. Along with this, a tabll open where you cant only set the format that the image will be saved, but also the default destination folder and shortcut keys to be used.

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