How to Redirect Traffic from Blogger to WordPress without Migration

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blogger to wordpress divert
I have seen some most popular tech sites that have changed their blogging platform from blogger to WordPress. Most Probloggers advice to use WordPress rather than blogger, but if you have published more posts in blogger, how youll be able to redirect them to WordPress from blogger? Heres a simple trick that helps you to redirect your blogging platform to one another. The main advantage of this trick is, youll get the same traffic to your new blog as you get earlier for your old blog.

To see the demo, slightly visit (which is currently diverted as and (currently diverted as Digital Inspiration dont divert to automatically, but when you click HOME button, it diverts to

Please Note: I Prefer you to use this trick only if you dont wanna migrate your blogspot blog to WordPress blog. Also you can contact Harsh Agarwal for any kind of help that you need with your blog migration. For this purpose youll be able to contact ShoutMeLoudservice page.

Though blogger has the option for Custom Redirects, (in case of permalink error) never has the option for blogging platform redirects. So as this posts title mentions, this idea is to redirect your blogger (blogspot blog) to your new WordPress blog with out any migration. So follow the steps given below and enjoy your traffic!

Step #1: Go to Blogger Dashboard → Template → Edit HTML → Proceed (no need to check Expand Widget Templates) and use Ctrl+F to find the code below in your template.

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

Step #2: Now place the below code just after the above searched code.

<meta content='0;url=' http-equiv='refresh'/>

If youre still in trouble, just see the below screenshot will help you to apply this trick in better detail.

blogger redirect to wordpress
Dont forget to replace with your own WordPress blog url. Youre done! Now enjoy more features from WordPress blog and have same traffic as you acquired before.