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Blogger seo optimizing
By optimizing Blogger title tag using H1 tag is fine for your blogger SEO. Is this enough for a better SEO of your blogger blog? Google always wish you to write unique contents. Does anyone know how blogger archive makes a harmful influence on SEO. Mainly Google uses Main and Supplemental indexes for its search results. But the Supplemental index was removed by Google due to its update. Now let's take a look at how blog archive makes your SEO to drive traffic.

Before we get in to this tutorial, youve to be well aware of what are Main and Supplemental indexes? The following paragraphs thatll help you to get an idea about Main and Supplemental indexes and how it makes an impact on SEO whether its positive or negative.

What are Main and Supplemental Indexes as per Google Search?

Main index shows search results on the top of the website. This means, if you type common keywords such as Technology, SEO, Insurance etc in Google search, will show up most popular posts on the first page itself. If you are still in a trouble, go to Google Search and type “Technology” for an example. So youll be able to find the result from en.wikipedia.org at first. Thiss the Main index.

Nevertheless, Supplemental index is the search results, but could be found only if there are no related websites from the Main index that matches users search keyword. For an e.g. I just typed kjbjkds in Google Search but you will never be able to find the exact results from Google results. So it shows results for kjjk instead for kjbjkdsThiss what Supplemental index.

How Main and Supplemental Indexes Affect Blogger SEO?

If your blog or website contains duplicate content twice, (I mean main post as well as archive post) Google may add your main post to the Supplemental index instead of Main index. So all your researches, efforts, everything will be in a trash. Unless youre writing for a blog with an awfully distinctive content, its extremely uncertain any of your posts are preparing to rank high within the SERPs.

You dont have to worry much about Supplemental index, because Google has already eradicated the Supplemental index page label in new blogger update. In spite of this, I strongly believe Google gives more priority for 100% unique contents. If you have same content in your blog or website, Google will pull down your search results so badly. As a result of this might have affected both your PageRank and SEO.

How do We Solve This Problem for Better SEO?

You can solve this problem by making a simple customization to your blogger template. Please follow the steps given below and optimize your blogger archive for better SEO and Search Engines rather than getting a negative impact.

Step #1: Just Sign In to your Blogger Dashboard  Template (have a backup of your template before making any changes)  Edit HTML  proceed and check Expand Widget Templates box.

Step #2: Use Ctrl+F key to find out the below code in your template (Im currently using Google Chrome. So if youre a Chrome user the search box will appear at the top right side. In Mozilla Firefox itll appear at bottom left side).

<b:includable id='interval' var='intervalData'>

See below image for better understanding. Youll find this code only once in your template. So you dont have to worry much about that.

blogger template
Step #3: After finding the above code, replace all the 17 lines of code section (youll be able to see this in above marked area of the image) with the below piece of code.

<b:includable id='interval' var='intervalData'>
<b:loop values='data:intervalData' var='i'>
<li expr:class='"archivedate " + data:i.expclass'>
<b:include data='i' name='toggle'/>
(<span class='post-count'><data:i.post-count/></span>)
<b:if cond='data:i.data'>
<b:include data='i.data' name='interval'/>
<b:if cond='data:i.posts'>
<b:include data='i.posts' name='posts'/>

    Step #4: Save your template and youre done! Never forget to ping your blog to Google Blog Search immediately after you Sign out.

    If you have done all these things precisely, youll be able to see a positive impact instead of a negative one, in case of both your blogs PageRank and SEO. Hope you enjoyed this post. Please do share this post and leave your suggestions via comment. Happy blogging!