Facebook Changes the “Usage Policy” from 29 November 2012 Onwards

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facebook new policy 2012
In the year of 2009, Facebook enforced a method that allowed its users to vote on proposed changes to privacy policies and terms of use of the site. With this tool usersd power to approve or reject the changes that the social network performed, however currently that choice now not exists. This week the social network began sending emails about changes in their political participation.

Previously, the amount of comments and votes on a particular subjects taken into account at the time of approval or disapproval of a novelty to be implemented, but that doesnt guarantee that user commentsre really relevant.

Even excluding the voting process, Facebookll continue to listen to peoples views, butll take into account the quality of profile and not just the quantity. Users can comment and make suggestions on the matter until tomorrow (29 November 2012).

Elliot Schrage

As a result of this review, we are proposing to restructure our process of local governance. Profoundly we value the feedback we received from users. Nevertheless, it was found that the mechanism of voting, which is open according to a number of observations resulted a system of incentive amount of comments, not quality” – said Elliot Schrage, Vice President of Communications, Public Policy and Marketing on Facebook.

Additionally, Elliot Schrage also explains about a change thatll help users better understand what it conceals or not to others in the social networking sites. For example, no use hiding just a line item on your time, because it remains visible in the news feed and in search results.

Another warning regarding privacy takes on using Instagram. Facebooks already warned that may let its users share information between all departments of the company.

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