How to Install Facebook Messenger on Windows OS

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facebook messenger
Facebook has pulled down Google and became worlds No:1 social networking website. So the Facebook chat has been extensively utilized by people to speak to their friends now a days. Now youll be able to setup Facebook Messenger on Windows, but many people dont know how to access it without entering Facebook account itself. Hope its an awesome option if the person does not wish to access the social network and end up distracting.

The Facebook Messenger is developed by the official Facebook app developers. So you dont have to worry about where to download this messenger or if theres any threat.

The Facebook Messenger interface is very instinctive and performs similarly, showing whos online and displaying an alert each time you receive a new message. The tabsre also existing conversation, preventing you need to keep thousands of open windows (It helped me personally to prevent many popup windows while chatting).

How to Setup Facebook Messenger on Windows? 

Youll ought to get on Windows 7 so as to put in the messenger to perform (If youre using Windows XP, download the messenger from To setup Facebook Messenger on your Windows OS, follow simple steps provided below.

Step #1: Go to official Facebook Messenger page and slightly click on the Install Now button. (I hope the below image may indicate you in better detail).

facebook messenger for windows
Step #2: After the download completes, run the downloaded file (Itll popup the Run Command window automatically. If not, launch the downloaded .exe icon to setup the messenger to download the program completely and itll take few minutes to complete the installation.

Step #3: After the download is complete, itll be installed and open instinctively. Simply enter your email & password and click Log In to access Facebook Messenger – remember, you should enter your existing Facebook email id and password.

Youre done! Your chat tab is placed on the bottom right side, and youll be able to chat as youd expect from any devoted desktop chat app. Facebook Messenger allows you to send and receive instant messages. Along with this, the software updates are gonna be put in automatically.

Update: In consort with, you can download Facebook Messenger for Android from Google Play Store and for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad (requires iOS 4.3 or later) from Apple App Store.

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