Whats “Adult Content” as per Google AdSense?

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Whats “Adult Content” as per Google AdSense?
When I Search in Internet I have seen several questions about AdSense approval trick without waiting for 6 months. The main problem seems that they got their AdSense account banned for many reason. Today in this post let's talk about adult content as per Google AdSense. Does anyone think about it? Google AdSense publishers are never allowed to place ads on the blogs/website which contains adult content. Know what's Google meant by adult content.

Cecelia Choi from the AdSense Policy team offers a simple rule of thumb to make you understand that wheather a image or text is belongs to adult content or not. See the below block-quote. 

Google Adsense adult content

If you never want your children to see the content or if you'd be embarrassed to look at the page ahead of colleagues, then it’s probably not family-safe and you shouldn’t place AdSense ads on that page or post.

Let me remember you one more thing - The AdSense rules additionally forbid ads on websites that either link to external sites that have mature content or if you've got different advertisers who might be serving adult ads on your pages. 

There are many Google AdSense publishers using “traffic widgets” from services like MGID or 2Leep. If you don't have enough confidence to place what kind of pics are becoming served through these widgets and therefore they might cause a risk to your AdSense account. So keep your web content and images as family-safe.