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If you have an idea to start blogging, let me share top ultimate blogging resources updated in 2012. There are several blogger resources out here, free and paid that may assist you see success abundant quicker. There’s a little bit of everything here, from a way to web log to a way to have interaction in social media, a way to turn your blog into a money making machine, and the way to require nice blog photos and the way to move with the blogging community.

It ought to be equally helpful to beginners as well as Pro bloggers. This list are actively ever-changing and updating as I take a look at new tools and services.

Top Web Hosting Services

There have some websites to several choices for hosting your website or blog and that they all have their own promoting gimmick. Once you’ve got yourself associate address, you’re gonna like a house to store all of your stunning blog posts – Thus grab yourself some server area.
  1. Dreamhost – Nice plans and costs with various information measure and diskspace.
  2. Rackspace – Managed, dedicated and climbable web hosting for businesses.
  3. Media Temple – Awe-inspiring recommendations, grid and dedicated hosting.
  4. Bluehost – Reasonable and reliable web hosting solutions.
  5. Frozen Webhost – Small company however solely $5 per month and really reliable.
  6. Hostgator – Shared hosting at $6.95 per month.

Communication Purposes

If you would like to be perfect blogger, you have to communicate together with your blog readers. Instant electronic messaging (IEM) and Email may be the fastest and best ways that to try and do so.
  1. Gmail – Free web-based Email service that features over 2GB of storage.
  2. Hotmail – Free web-based Email with 2GB of storage.
  3. Yahoo Mail! – Free web-based Email with unlimited mail storage.
  4. Outlook – Manage Emails which may be used with MS Exchange Server for shared mail boxes.
  5. Windows Live Messenger – Instant messaging program, seems Yahoo contacts as well.
  6. Skype – Free web line of work from computer to computer.
  7. Basecamp – Project collaboration, management and task software package.
  8. Yahoo Messenger! – Free Instant Electronic Communication with file sharing.
  9. GoToMeeting – Internet conferencing and online conferences service.
  10. Campfire – Period of time cluster chat for businesses.
  11. Thunderbird – Open supply cross platform Email from Mozilla.
  12. Gtalk – Instant communication in conjunction with Gmail.
  13. AIM – AOL Instant Messaging, free online chat service.
  14. Meebo – IM service that supports MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Gtalk and Jabber.
  15. Twitter – Social networking and Micro-blogging service utilizing instant electronic communication, SMS or Internet interface.

Website or Blog Tracking

Google Analytics - Google Analytics is that the enterprise-class web analytics resolution that offers you wealthy insights into your website or blog traffic and promoting effectiveness. Primarily the most effective tracking system for the common blogger. There are different tracking products however persist with Google Analytics and you never get it wrong.

Content Management Systems or Blog Softwares

These are the core of your blog, therefore select after a good observation. Take pricing, customization and aesthetics under consideration for this one.
  1. Blogger – Fast blog creation, however FTP may be slow and you don’t have full management - Owned by Google.
  2. WordPress - There's no higher platform for content generation other than WordPress. It’s both free and simple to use. Also seems nice - Owned by Google.
  3. Movable Type – Weblog commercial enterprise system developed by California-based Six Apart.
  4. Drupal – Full-featured content management engine appropriate to setup a news-driven community.

Blog Monetization and Advertising

Here we've got awesome list of that websites which provides you cash online by inserting ads when that ads area unit clicked by reader, you earn money.
  1. Google AdSense - Google AdSense is a number one advertising site for publishers who want to monetize their blogs and websites. This site proved awesome for the last few years and has helped many of the webmasters for making good money.
  2. Chitika AdSense - Considered as the best AdSense alternative, Chitika is really a good ad network. It works equally well with blogs and websites. Chitika offers geo-targeted advertisements.
  3. Infolinks - Infolinks is an another in-text advertising network and you can expect a good income same as Chitika AdSense and Google AdSense.
  4. Amazon Associates - You can link to Amazon products and earn 100% commission per product.
  5. Adbrite – Probably one of the bigger networks. Webmasters can buy and sell text ads based on their site’s topic area. Adbrite isn’t as good as Google AdSense but it does work and it does pay.
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Free SEO Tools

If you would like to get some sensible quantity of visitors to your blog from search engines, you should do to a small degree of SEO to your blog like meta tags, title tags, heading tags and selecting smart keywords etc.
  1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool - Select the righ keyword for your blog post to boost traffic. Enter one keyword or phrase per line to visualize what connected word searches your ad can show on.
  2. Google PageRank Checker - Pagerank Plays an important role in search engine Rankings. Determine your blog PageRank using this free online Google PageRank Checker tool.
  3. AdSense Code Converter - If you wish to feature AdSense Ad units or the other ad scripts within the blogger Post or anyplace within the Blog, you ought to convert the code.
  4. Traffic Travis - This is an excellent tool to use to check websites against one another automatically. It additionally pulls anchor text and page rank of back links simply.
  5. - Click on the below image to get more SEO tools for your website and increase your website traffic.
Click on this above pic to get 101 free SEO Tools

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Blog Writing Tools 

The following are the simple and lack of tools which I recommend you to become a professional writer.
  1. Windows Live Writer - One in all the foremost professional blog writing tool. A full editor with data processing, tables etc. It additionally support uploading pictures in your post to image hosting services mechanically.
  2. BlogJet - A well-liked blog writing tool. Seems like Windows Live Writer.
  3. ScribeFire - An Add-ons of Mozilla Firefox. It's a small-size blogging tool however terribly effective. It supports manage drafts, posts and support multiple blogs.
  4. MS Word - Microsoft Word provides you to write your blog post more effectivly. Also helps to check both spelling and grammar mistakes.
  5. Ecto - A decent addition that accommodates each Macintosh and Windows users. It’s one in every of the older editors which will run from your desktop. It’s feature list is growing. Manages multiple blogs, imports classes and saves drafts.

Social Media Networking

Using social networking effectively will facilitate market your website to an enormous audience that is crucial for your blog’s growth. Pay a little time for networking yourself and submit your best articles to search out by a lot of readers.
  1. Facebook – One among the quickest growing social networking sites on the Internet world.
  2. Digg – Stories submitted and voted to the front page by the community.
  3. StumbleUpon – Channel surf the net with the StumbleUpon toolbar, will be a large supply of traffic.
  4. Myspace – Free social networking that has blogging capabilities and talent to draw in plenty of friends.
  5. – A vast social bookmarking service. By using bookmarklets, you'll add bookmarks to your list and categorise them.

Tools for Power Blogging

Most of my websites are running with the help of some power blogging tools. Here are some of the best blogging tools used now-a-days by Probloggers.
  1. Audacity - Best audio editor software package.
  2. - Select indiscriminately.
  3. Snagit - For capturing ScreenShot. You can use snipping tool in Windows 7 (can use in windows XP too).
  4. Jotform - Create online form simply supported wysiwyg.
  5. GTmetrix - Analyze Website's speed and perfomance for easy.
  6. Bloggers - A vast blogger community with millions of bloggers from different countries.
  7. Pixlr - Online photo editor. Edit, adjust and filter your images.
  8. CSS3 Gradients - CSS3 gradient creator.
  9. Filezilla - Best FTP software for uploading files.
  10. PollDaddy - Online survey software package which is used to create polls.
  11. Google Alerts - Get Email updates of the newest relevant Google results.
  12. Auto Copy - Select text and it’ll mechanically traced to the writing board like UNIX or mIRC.
  13. After the Deadline - When the point in time may be a language checker for the web with discourse spell checking, advanced style checking and intelligent descriptive grammar checking.

Social Sharing and Targeting Platforms

Sharing is Caring. right? If you wanna get really organic traffic, you should add sharing widget below your each blog post. Get top four social sharing and targeting Platforms.

sharing widgets for blogger

Download Free Themes for Blogger 

A good looking blog always gets large amount of visitors and page views. Here we've got some websites that provide you to download free blogger template design for your blogspot blog.

Top Inspirational Blogs

So what makes you to get inspired for beginning your blog? You may please check out my personal following blogs which I get the source of inspiration to choose blogging as my career.
  1. Digital Inspiration - It's a most popular How to website from India owned by Amit Agarwal (My great inspirational blog). 
  2. ShoutMeLoud - Owned by Harsh Agrawal. It stands for bloggers, webmasters and Internet marketers to learn about blogging, social media, SEO and more.
  3. Problogger - Owned by Darren Rowse. Provides blogging tips to make money with your blog online.
  4. Techcrunch - Owned by Michael Arrington. Makes $14k of daily income with presently valued at $10 million.
  5. Mashable - Owned by Pete Cashmore. Earns $15k of daily income with estimated to be of worth $15 million.
  6. Engadget - Owned by  Peter Rojas. Earns near by $10K of daily income and the estimated value of this blog is around $7.2 million.
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We highly recommend you to often visit LABSTRIKE usually to stay updated with all the website or blog resources which you wish to make a productive blogging business. Peace & blessings.