SKype 6.0 Released for Windows 8 with Bulk of Features

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skype 6.0 release
The all new version of SKype 6.0 formally released for Widows 8 (also for Mac OS X) today, October 26, 2012 offering a new SKype experience. SKype 6.0 is the greatest SKype updates for ever and the first foremost update to the software since the Microsoft takes over. It stipulates much more features and comforts users discern a way to benefit of. SKype is currently installable if you are running on the Windows 8 RTM. However in short its simple, quick and delightful.

Youll be able to enumerate this version in the Windows store, available for both Windows 8 and Windows RT users and once put in; itll show on login screen as a Live Tile showing unused calls and messages. Its rocking na?

SKype developers team officially aforesaid that, “SKype for Windows 8 additionally are going to be preinstalled on the prime twelve Windows OEMs machines”.

Tom Warren, author of Founder and owner of offers a simple thumb to make us understand what was SKype doing behind the screen to gear up for the up-gradation. Pay a attention to his precious words:

SKype 6.0 for Windows 8

We are wordlessly re-architecting primarily the complete approach Skype works. the massive advantage there's that Skype doesn’t invariably have to be compelled to be running. It wakes up once it’s time to deliver a chat communication or call etc”.

What’s More in New SKype 6.0 for Windows 8? 

Compared to the older versions of SKype, what to say? SKype 6.0 is both fairly awe-inspiring and perfectly much faster. Anyway Im much desirous to get it today itself! Simply check out other new stunning features of the all new SKype 6.0 version.

1. SKype 6.0 Gets More User Friendly – I really like its new Microsoft and Facebook account integration. Your login process made easier than the older version. Youre able to login/sign into SKype without a separate SKype account. This means, you can access the account from either Facebook or Microsoft account itself. This indicates that SKype 6.0 has become more user friendly and social. Just look at this image shown below.

SKype 6.0 login screen

Sign in to SKype account directly from either your Microsoft or Facebook account. 

SKype 6.0 is almost, sorry absolutely ready to provide users numerous platform expertise. The SKype fans can certainly expect additional enhancements on platforms apart from both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 to keep on. Another key feature that youll be able to see in the SKype 6.0 is the facility to chat with any contacts (one-stop location) with the integration with Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail and Outlook.

The main feature which I have seen in SKype 6.0 recommends the competence to have both audio and video calls straightforwardly through Windows Live Messenger and you got it from today onwards.

SKype 6.0 retina display
2. With Six More Languages & Supports Retina Display – The all new SKype 6.0 comes with six more languages that claims its some thing else. I mean SKype is used in world wide. The SKype 6.0 introduces new languages such as Slovak, Slovenian, Catalan, Thai, Croatian and Serbian as well.

Now in case of retina display, its fine by all MacBook or apple products users. Yes! it support retina display absolutely. What to say more? enjoy Apple users!

3. Chat with Multiple Opened Windows  Another feature included in the Mac OS X version of new SKype 6.0 has the facility to chat with multiple opened windows at the same time. This could be a welcome addition in keeping with Skypes feedback. So What's up? 

It ought to be noted theres already a difficulty with Mountain Lions compatibility. Wherever the image picker never work appropriately, however that should not stop any user from creating calls or participating in conversations.

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4. New Dial pad & Experience with Faster – When I searched in Skypes official blog named The Big Blog I have seen a screenshot which shows the new updated dial pad with other calling options. It seems exactly in Tiles how Windows 8’s start screen looks like. Next to the dial pad youll be able to see the recent calls – which makes phoning your contacts more leisurely.

Skype 6.0 modern dial pad
Along with this SKype 6.0 offers a fast and social experience with windows 8 Ul, by displaying both missed calls and messages. 

5. Shows Recent Chats, Favorites & People in Login Screen  When you login or sign in to your new SKype account by using either Microsoft or Facebook account, you’ll be able to see recent chat conversations, favorites and people in your dashboard screen. On the top right side its able to see whether you available or not. I feel it as Windows 8s Tile login screen (SKype is owned by Microsoft, may be so). Please see the screenshot of SKype 6.0 login screen below.

Skype 6.0 tile login screen
If you want to begin a chat or conversation with a specific friend, just click on his/her profile pic, then youll be able to chat with them privately. Let me remember you one thing i.e. this contacts are combined with the built-in people app of Windows 8. So itll show all your contacts in the address book even though you had not created contacts for them.

6. IM Friends on Messenger – As I mentioned above you got all the facilities to have a swift chat with your contacts. By contacts I mean access all the contact from Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail and Outlook. The main advantage is SKype 6.0 provides the ability to chat with all the contacts in one place via SKype 6.0. So try to login win SKype 6.0 with all your Microsoft account or Facebook account. However you have to feel this feature in real to get an idea in better detail.

How to Download SKype 6.0 for both Windows 8 and Mac OS X?

You can download SKype 6.0 from below link which provides an offline installation. If you have SKype (older version) already in your desktop you can update it with the all new SKype 6.0 by going Help → Check for Updates and itll provide you all the info about Skypes up-gradation in better detail.

SKype 6.0 for Windows 8 (19.2Mb) – Download Now   |   SKype 6.0 for Mac OS X (32.9Mb) – Download Now

Heres a quick YouTube video of Introducing Skype for Windows 8 demonstrates the experience with the SKype 6.0 for Windows 8 in action.
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